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  • Enhance Your Career with Our Innovative (NEW) Programs
  • Explore AI, Decision Sciences, and Decision Analytics in Our Program
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  • Get a Joint BBA/MBA Degree and Save Time and Money
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Our innovative curriculum focuses on cutting-edge areas like artificial intelligence, decision sciences, and decision analytics, preparing you for the demands of employers and the business world.

Whether you are transferring credits or starting fresh, we designed our program to help you succeed.

We also can offer a joint bachelor's in Business Administration and a Master's in Business Administration (BBA/MBA), saving you a lot of time and money.


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Are you ready to take your business career to the next level?

LIGS University's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is meeting the future needs of business professionals.

Our enrollment counselors are available to help you every step of the way, working with you to complete your bachelor's degree as efficiently as possible.


Career & Income Growth: Achievable Bachelor & MBA Degrees to Enhance Your Future

At LIGS University, we are planning a new look for our degree programs.
What will they look like, and what else can our students; current or future – look forward to? Click below.

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Unlock Your Potential with LIGS University's MBA


  • Specialize in the Areas of Next-Generation Management
  • Accelerate Your Career and Increase Your Income
  • Gain Expertise in Decision Sciences, AI, and More
  • Earn Certificates that Count Toward Your MBA Degree
  • Expand Your Horizons with International Experience

Our detailed specializations will help you in your career, increase your income, and meet your personal goals.

Our program offers expertise in decision sciences, artificial intelligence, and other topics that will enable you to meet the needs of employers and the business world in the coming years. Additionally, we offer certificates (VICAS) that provide specialized training in specific areas applicable to your Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

With our international experience, you'll also have the opportunity to meet and see employers and businesses from around the world that may have an interest in your skills and ability.


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Experience Next-Generation Business Education with MBA

LIGS University's Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program meets the needs of next-generation management

Join our MBA program and receive a diploma from a renowned institution with a longstanding reputation for academic excellence.

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