MBA vs MAOL: Which Program is Right for You at LIGS University?

10. 25. 2023
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Deciding between two graduate degrees that will advance your business leadership can be a difficult choice. At LIGS University, we want to help you discover the right program for you - a master's degree in business administration (MBA), or a master’s in organizational leadership (MAOL). Continue reading to learn more about these programs, so you can pursue the degree that will suit you best! 

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What To Expect With An MBA Degree

An MBA degree offers a broad overview of business theory and practices for a deeper understanding of business management and function. From marketing to accounting, finance, business law, and more, our MBA curriculum covers all areas of business to help you become a successful leader. 

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What To Expect With An MAOL Degree 

An MAOL program focuses on traditional and innovative leadership approaches to organizational situations and problems. Our curriculum develops strategic decision-making, as well as people and conceptual skills that are essential for a successful business. 


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Consider Your Interests 

These programs, though similar, have different concentrations in the business world. An MBA emphasizes the disciplines of business, while an MAOL focuses on the human dynamics within organizations. It’s important to consider what part of business you are interested in so you can find the right program for you. 

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Assess Your Career Goals 

Both degrees offer the opportunity to develop a range of skills that can be applied to various business settings and can accelerate your career. The MBA and MAOL degrees can help you reach management positions, though typically in different sectors of business. Assessing your career goals can also help you decide which LIGS University program is for you. 

No matter which program you pursue, you can count on LIGS University for advanced education that will enhance your leadership and jumpstart your career. Contact us for more information on all our programs, and enroll today! 

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