Stage 1: Common Base

Improve in your current professional life and realize the potential of education

Combine academic insights and work experience while addressing current issues in your field


At LIGS you will kick off your program by participating in our Common Base Module. These courses are designed to equip you with the foundational skills and understanding as you progress forward in your academic journey. The Common Base Module provide the essential knowledge and skills you can leverage in the classroom and office to seed your growth and development.

The Common Bases focuses on six key business sectors. Our expert faculty will deliver to you the principles, research and practical application of your academic studies in each of these areas as you leverage your studies and personal experience in the classroom.

Common Base (course codes)

Management (501)
Marketing (502)
Finance (503)
Communication (504)
Intercultural Communication (505)
Human Resources (506)

Common base courses

By completing the Common Base (18 credits) first, you will form an understanding of basic business practices and theories important to the prosperty of a company.

Learn and master emerging techniques in marketing
Great leadership lies in effective communication
An intense introduction to the finance function for non-financial managers
Human Resources
Make your human capital a solid foundation of your business
Intercultural Communication
Explore the communication strategies across borders
Management is crucially affecting the prosperity of all organizations

Application for study

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