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5th International Online Conference
Online challenges of the future

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In the post-pandemic world, while it’s usual to work from home, we're often faced with surges of cyber attacks during the battle for our personal or company data, and cybersecurity education is more important than ever. Therefore, cybersecurity is one of the top topics of 2023. Learn how to improve the security of your online business in this age. What role does AI play in modern cybersecurity?

Why to attend the conference

  • Attending international conference is an excellent opportunity to have your research published in the accompanying ISBN
  • Academic collection and fulfil the mandatory publication
  • It’s also another way to get your work promoted and seen, which could assure your next career steps.

Thematic areas

  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Child online safety
  • Internet Ethics
  • Application security & Encryption
  • Artificial Intelligence threats and opportunities
  • Cloud & IoT security
  • Open Access
  • ... and many more


Dr. Tan Kian Hua, Singapore

Cybersecurity Challenges of the Future

Dr. Leon Tsvasman, Germany

Leveraging AI for Secure and Ethical Cybersecurity: A Human-Centric Approach to Data Protection

Tomáš Pluhařík, Czechia

Research of the dark net

Dr. Gary Robinson, USA

Trends in Cybersecurity for 2023

Conference format


The conference will be broadcasted online and live, participants can join from any computer to attend the event live and discuss with peers



If you find the time of the conference inconvenient, you can play the conference on demand at any time that suits you best



The language of the conference is English


Proceedings with ISBN

Conference proceedings will be published in both print and ebook with an assigned ISBN.


April 5th - 6th, 2023

Online Challenges of the Future

Types of Attendance

Registration fee

Regular Fee: $150

LIGS University and EDU Effective students: $100


Research proposal (poster): 1 - 2 pages long
Full paper: 5 pages long

Registration fee

1 day: $30

2 days: $45


To take part in a discussion
in minimum of 3 contributions (presentations)

Conference agenda

Wednesday, April 5
10:00 UTC Dr. Tan Kian Hua

Cybersecurity Challenges of the Future

10:30 UTC Dr. Leon Tsvasman

Leveraging AI for Secure and Ethical Cybersecurity: A Human-Centric Approach to Data Protection

5-minute break    
11:05 UTC Jiri Medlen

Evaluation of ChatGPT from a Security Perspective

11:35 UTC Rasheed Olu-Ajayi


5-minute break    
12:10 UTC Afamefuna Achime

Cloud and IoT security

12:40 UTC Deepak Kumar Dash

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Abasement of Natural Intelligence (NI)

5-minute break    
13:15 UTC Laura McCoy

Cybersecurity: Supported by Serious gaming, Gamification, and Artificial Intelligence

13:45 UTC Lucky Osime

Cybersecurity challenges in the Financial Industry

Thursday, April 6
13:00 UTC Tomáš Pluhařík

Research of the dark net.

13:30 UTC Dr. Gary Robinson

Current trends and issues in Cybersecurity for 2023

5-minute break    
14:05 UTC Frances Etim Andem

Cybercrime in Nigeria

14:35 UTC Hossana Gani

The impact of inadequate data protection laws on data privacy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

5-minute break    
15:10 UTC Jai Anand Ganesh Ragunathan

Cybercrime in Canada

15:40 UTC Proscovia Nabasinga Cybersecurity  threats to the COVID-19 Vaccine that would limit the innovation of other vaccine of related pandemic like Ebola and Cancer 

April 5th - 6th, 2023

Online Challenges of the Future

Terms and description of the conference


Based on the selected type of participation, the attendee will be required to purchase the appropriate tickets through our partner site Eventbrite. 

Reviewing process:

Each abstract is reviewed by our academic committee, chaired by Dr. Tan Kian Hua. The final paper will be reviewed with possible result: accepted, accepted after some corrections, refused.

Papers' presentations:

Papers will be presented personally by the authors and will be broadcasted online on April 5-6, 2023 according to the schedule.

Conference proceedings:

All contributions (if approved by the reviewers) will be published in Conference Proceedings in both printed and electronic versions with ISBN assigned. 

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