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MBA Crisis Management in Contemporary Environment

Modern managers need to be well prepared for everything, including unexpected crises that impact businesses

What will you study?

Crisis Management
Crisis Leadership
Risk Management
Strategic Management
Strategic Management of Sales
+6 basic module courses

Learn how to cultivate a more inclusive workplace, lead across differences, and establish trust.

Our course provides a detailed comprehensive overview of the essential disciplines needed to run a company and maintain a profitable business.

The curriculum brings together specializations in management, finance, human resources, communications, and business ethics, each with a focus on crisis management.

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Up-front payment

$ 5,900
Total amount of the tuition fee if paid lump-sum up-front

Instalment plan 1 year

$ 6,785
Total amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 1 calendar year

Instalment plan 2 years

$ 8,200
Total amount of the tuition fee if settled over the course of 2 calendar years

Tuition fee includes:

  • electronic materials,
  • Unlimited access and use of LMS (Learning Management System),
  • feedback of lecturers on the assignments,
  • electronic communications with the lecturers,
  • e-learning tests,
  • recommended professional webinars (online seminars) from the LIGS University offer.

Not included in the tuition:

  • Non-refundable $100 application fee, which reciprocates the administration tied to the processing of your application (application review, scholarship request review, preparation of the Enrollment Agreement and payment plan).
  • Graduation fee in the amount of $100 paid upon successful completion of the program covering the costs associated with issuing, printing and mailing the diploma via standard post service. 
  • Telecommunication and Internet connection fees,
  • Travel costs, if any. 

Master of Business Administration

Our MBA in Crisis Management in Contemporary Environment program prepares students to lead in a crisis, identify risks, and coordinate an appropriate response. What's more, they'll be able to adapt to changes and effectively implement new strategies. Graduates will explore the effects that crises have on modern companies and will gain the ability to develop a strategic crisis plan.

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Main benefits of the field in practice

Experience of elite managers
Work smarter while avoiding professional burnout
Current know-how
Everything you need to know in one place
Case studies
Take a look under the hood of the competition
Getting to know the potential risks
Understand the business landscape
Stepping out of your comfort zone
Confront conflict with confidence
Networking with colleagues
Get to know your future partners and clients

What will you study?

6 specialization courses

Crisis Management

The aim of the Crisis Management Course is to provide the program participants with a set of contemporary principles and functions of enterprise in unstable, challenging, turbulent conditions along with different anti-crisis strategies and business continuing models. Students will learn the classifications of crises, bankruptcy and restructuring. They will master the concepts of modern corporate governing procedures within unknown risks, crisis influences, along with human and market behavior with the goal to maximize the business competitiveness.

Crisis Leadership

Leading in crisis is different than leading in stable times. Leadership is often identified as the most critical role in an organization. But what is effective leadership and how do you cultivate it? This course covers the basics of leading yourself and others, the critical competencies and best practices for effectively leading today and in the future. Learn how to lead across differences and cultivate a more inclusive workplace; establish trust; build relationships up, down, and across the organization; lead change through agility and resilience.

Risk Management

The is course introduces participants to the many different types of risk as well as the concepts of managing financial and non-financial risks and addresses the whole process of identification, analysis, response along with risk control and. The course explores the methods of management, measurement, and control of these risks. It provides the opportunity to deal with the effects of the crisis on the solvency of clients, assess the actual vs. virtual damage caused by the crisis, or monitor the impact of the crisis on the client's portfolio.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management takes into account changing conditions outside and inside an organization. Students are prepared to master the tools and procedures for strategic planning and management and become familiar with methods of different strategic analyses using analytical techniques to define goals, formulate the strategy, implement it and perform subsequent monitoring and control. One of the core outcomes of the course is being able to develop a strategic crisis plan or explore the effects a crisis might have on a company.

Strategic Management of Sales

Managers must be prepared to react to changes that might affect the sales ability of a company. A global crisis can disable the main sales practices used by the company and the manager needs to know how to react and design a new sales strategy. The objective of this course is to show students the roles and important functions of Sales Management in a company. Students will learn how to build and implement sales plans, manage sales and achieve the set sales targets. Students learn the sales techniques and new strategies of closing sales, prospecting and negotiation in sales.


Selling through the internet is essential for many businesses today and it undoubtedly brings many benefits, but it also requires quick reactions and adjustments from the side of the e-commerce specialists, such as when a crisis comes. The e-commerce specialists then need to be ready to react quickly and immediately develop and implement new strategies. This course addresses specific problems in managerial decision-making processes, planning the strategy in the areas of trade and internet-based promotion and exploration of the effects of a crisis on the e-commerce environment and develop new crisis strategies.

6 basic module courses

Detailed summary overview of key disciplines

Courses required for excellent business management and maintaining business profitability.

Basic Module provides a detailed comprehensive overview of the essential disciplines needed to run a company and maintain a profitable business.
Courses are the same for all students.

See content of basic module

Admission Requirements

Proficiency in the chosen language of study (B1)
Bachelor's degree
Documents (electronic form): Copy of a document proving the highest degree earned + transcript of records, CV, Photo, Government issued ID  
Application is considered upon complete submission of the documents and after the application fee of $100 is credited. Final acceptance is subject to the decision of the Dean of Students at his sole discretion.

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MBA - Crisis Management in Contemporary Environment

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