Darren Fisher

Darren Fisher
Darren Fisher
Assistant Professor

Dr. Darren Fisher is the CEO and Co-founder of a start-up company in Canada providing management consulting, and business analytic services. Dr. Fisher is a Senior Executive with over 15 years specialized experience in Logistics, Supply Chain Operations, Joint Venture, and Business Integration projects in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Beverage Industry across the Central and Eastern Caribbean. 

Until 2022, Dr. Fisher has routed accomplishments in process improvement methodologies, special projects, management, solutions, and process development. He believes strongly in operational excellence and driving business development. He also has complementing experience in Sales, Marketing Research and Trade Audits through companies out of China and Chile. 

Dr. Fisher has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Technology, Jamaica majoring in Finance, and International Business. He completed a Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree in Management Studies, Business Administration and Operations from the University of Sunderland, London in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Since then, he has held positions such as Distribution Chief, Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Director, and Head of Operations in various international companies.

In 2022, Dr. Fisher graduated from LIGS University with a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with a 4.0. GPA in under 12 months.

During his career he provided lectures covering all facets of the business ecosystem. In areas of operations, management, strategy, process improvement, risk and change management. 

He is the author of 8 published academic articles in 2022 and an avid researcher of business challenges globally. 

As an educator and developmental coach, he prefers interactivity from all students through creativity, critical thinking, and the desire to improve through learning outcomes. 

His lecturing goal is to impart knowledge where knowledge is needed for the enhancement of life and continuous development.

Motto: “Exceed Expectations”

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