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Just Finish Your Studies

Just Finish Your Studies

Working professionals who embark on online Master's or doctoral programs enter their studies with the goal of advancing their careers or acquiring new knowledge and skills.

However, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities can result in a lack of both time and motivation to complete a program and significant delays in achieving one’s goals. 

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Complete Your Degree and Make Your Dreams a Reality

LIGS University is here to support you in achieving your professional goals. Our team can transfer the courses that you’ve already completed and implement the subjects into our Master’s and doctoral programs. This way, it isn’t necessary for you to start from scratch – instead, we make it possible to maximize the hard work that you’ve already put into your studies.

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At LIGS University, we don’t let the demands of daily life stand in the way of obtaining your degree.


We’ll lend you a helping hand in focusing on your studies and simplify the path toward completing your studies.


Reap the Financial Benefits of Transferring Your Credits

Transferring your credits to LIGS University helps you make the most of your completed courses while also enjoying significant savings on tuition fees.


For MBA Programs

  • Typically, one credit costs $100 (each MBA course is usually three credits). However, the price per transferred credit is only $10 – save up to 90% per credit transferred!
  • The tuition fee for MBA programs starts at $2,610. When transferring credits at our reduced price, you can save up to $1,890!

For Doctoral Programs:

  • The lump-sum payment for our doctoral programs is $8,400.
  • Each transferred course reduces the cost of tuition by $500.

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Our Alumni

Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen
Senior System Engineer, United States Army

LIGS University has given me a solid foundation for my graduate studies and I am glad that I made the

Pantelis Philippou Panteli
Pantelis Philippou Panteli
General Manager, C.A.Papaellinas Logistics Services Ltd

I attended the MBA program at LIGS University. The level of education is a high standard and it was definitely

Henri Suissa
Henri Suissa
President, United Veterans Construction and Landscape Solutions

A phenomenal program with outstanding professors from all parts of the world. The customer service of the Study Department, lead

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