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Alejandro Lang

Alejandro Lang
Alejandro Lang
Adjunct Professor of Management

Alejandro Lang is currently a consultant and partner at Filous S.A, a consultant company dedicated to organizational solutions in training, change management, and gamification. Some of the most notable consulting clients have been ESPN, Makro, BDO, YPF, Shell, Tenaris and Kimberly Clark.

He previously worked as the coordinator of consulting and training projects in Ingouville, Nelson & Assoc, his main clients at the time were Tenaris, Cordial Compañía Financiera, ESADE Business School, ENAP Sipetrol, Cargill, and Williner. Negotiation, Innovation and Change Management are the main topics of his expertise. He has had additional experience working with Media Market (European retail leader), Pc City Spain, Accenture, Grupo DEX, Caja Rural de Asturias, and many others.

Alejandro Lang was the founder and president in RotiZZa (6 employees), a gastronomic project that was sold in 2013, and was president of the SME company (40 employees).

In the academic context, he is the coordinator of the Commission for Innovation, Creativity & Change in the UBA. 

Here is a list of several Argentinian universities that he has been a professor of and the positions he held since 2010: Professor of Organizational Psychology at the University of Belgrano in Creativity, Innovation and Organizational Transformation; Professor of Management, Knowledge Management, Strategy and Training and Development at the University of Palermo, and Professor of the Executive Creative Teams at the University of Palermo. He was a professor at the UBA, IEUAN, and U.CAECE and a guest at the University of San Andrés.

He graduated with an MBA in Administration at the University of Oviedo in Spain. He studied financial markets at the London School of Economics and the University of Oviedo. He completed the executive programs of "Negotiation and conflict management" and "Innovation and Creativity" at the ESADE Business School and the graduate course of "management and dynamics of change" at the Faculty of Psychology at UBA. He is an expert in Gamification (Level II), which was awarded by the recognized Engagement Alliance and was the Thomas International's PPA user for the application of psychometric tests in organizational behavior. Additionally, he has been certified as a Professional Coach in the CCCD.

In his free time, he balances time between his family, sports, and cooking. He has two daughters, and he practices Sipalki-do, a Korean martial art where he has a 3rd-grade black belt and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, where he has a blue belt and is an international competitor. Despite having completed several courses in cooking, he only cooks behind closed doors for his friends and family.

As a teacher, he encourages students to understand the logic of what they are learning so that they can achieve the maximum potential for their professional development. 

Motto: “Dietro ogni problema c'è un'opportunità” - Galileo Galilei -


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