Dr. Catherine Muthu

Dr. Catherine Muthu
Dr. Catherine Muthu
Associate Professor

Catherine is a senior lecturer in several universities in Malaysia. She specializes in all modules relating to Marketing and Management.

Until 2008, she worked for a professional recruitment company, BTI Consultants as a Consultant. She headhunts, interviews and assesses the right candidate to the right job posting. Her flair in selecting the right candidate has always been praised based on its suitability and credibility. This describes her sense of identifying the strengths and opportunities of such candidate towards the hiring company.

Before 2008, she served as a Marketing Manager in British Petroleum. She handled many portfolios in the span of 10 years. Her responsibilities were to increase sales of each portfolio. Hence, she has vast experience in the field of marketing, i.e. product development, pricing, promotional activities, budgeting and forecasting.

Prior to that, from 1997 till 1998, she held many temporary positions such as call centre officer, sales executive, project assistant, secretary, field merchandiser. From these temporary experiences, she has gain a wholesome of practical gain from a general scope of employment. This has proven that she has vast experience from a general scope of employment to managerial position.

She obtained her PhD in LIGS University. As part of her achievement, she got Master’s degree and Bachelor of Business major in Marketing. She has published two articles on LIGS University portal and has actively participated in an International Conference on Innovation and Management (ICIM) in collaboration with Yamaguchi University (Japan), Wuhan University (China) and University of Technology Malaysia.

Her goals are to develop creative, innovative, independent and critical thinking students in her scope of tutoring. Which then brings to her motto in life: “Nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset and determination to achieve it.” This is directed to both personal and organizational growth.

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