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Philip Kitasho Simel

Philip Kitasho Simel
Philip Kitasho Simel
Adjunct Professor of Management and Finance

Philip Kitasho Simel is the Founder, a Tutor and Director at Institute of SmallBusiness Development. The organization operate online courses and customized special courses to SMEs, the aim is to reach small business owners who cannot afford to get directions and consultation on how to operate their business.

He is presently a Branch Manager for Hand in Hand Eastern Africa (TZ) Moshi branch and a Lecturer at LIGS University Honolulu, Hawaii taking MBA students. He guides and assists students with their Dissertation thesis and paper by supervising, evaluating and assessing the relevance. He also communicates, grade and evaluate student’s seminar papers.

From 2016 to 2018, he worked at Private Forestry Programme as Land use Community manager in charge of operations where he dealt with managing projects, awareness raising, supervising and analyzing their effectiveness and creating strategies for community engagement. 

In 2012 to 2015, Project Business Advisor Led on-site training sessions, coordinated training workshop and Provide business and financial advisory services to high potential small business enterprises active in Iringa region, in the framework of Mkwawa Foundation Initiatives.

  • Oversaw the pilot project first from Iringa TC, then from Kilolo, Mufindi DC and Mafinga Town council, discussing technical issues, coordinating the exchange of study visits, and bringing the IGAs and Business owners together to discuss strategic issues.
  • Facilitates 15 training sessions/mo. For small groups (25 participants), teams (50 participants), and large audiences (500+ participants) on leadership, business management skills, business communication, Customer relationship management, teamwork, financial and marketing. 

He obtained his First degree of Bachelor of Commerce and Management from University of Dares Salaam (Tanzania) and Masters of Business Administration in Project management from LIGS University. He is also a certified Accredited Small Business consultant and a member of AASBC. 

My goals are to make impact to communicate and help students develop a passion on their career path.

Motto: “Unless you are equipped and appropriately armed, your money, health, business, marriage and other goods are not at peace. No matter how deep or how down you may go, let your ears remain open to hear the voice of inspiration.”


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