Dr. Jason Lee Carter

Dr. Jason Lee Carter
Jason Lee Carter
Associate Professor

Dr. Jason Lee Carter has been an Assistant/Associate Professor in Management and Marketing for undergraduate and graduate programs for a combined approximate sixteen years, providing engaging and comprehensive lecturing to undergrad and graduate level students to grow knowledgeable and proficient professionals for the current and future global business leaders, as well as an accomplished researcher in business administration curriculum and teaching methodology development from a perspective of Organizational Management and Brand Marketing for higher education institutions. The professorship experience Dr. Carter has gained in higher education ranges from American to Swiss to Thailand to China, with lecturing in subjects such as Strategic Management, International Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, International Marketing, and many others, as well as served as supervisor and mentor for grad students’ MBA theses and Doctoral dissertations in fields of Management, Marketing, HRM, and Finance. Professor Carter also served in the American corporate sector for a combined eight years in B2B sales in tech-related corporations for security and data protection of global enterprises, with high-level sales presentations and corporate relationship marketing for executives that generated an average of USD$1.2 million per sale annually, and with direct contact and relationship building with clients in 38 different countries. Jason utilizes this breadth of experience to impart technical knowledge and life experience to young adult learners for a life in the global business world of tomorrow.


Motto: Life is not a box of chocolates waiting to be opened and enjoyed. Life is tough and the reality is that life is also unsympathetic. But, if you create your own identity and push yourself to learn and know the realities of the world, your life will be filled with accomplishments, not gifts, which will be so much sweeter.

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