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Early Admission | Tuition Fee Discount

If you comply with the admission requirements, get accepted by the Vice Provost, enter into a contract and pay your first installment within 14 days of your first contact with LIGS University, we will offer you

$500 discount on tuition fees

The discount is valid for all study programs and cannot be combined with the Global Education Scholarship. 

Dissertation scholarship topics

Are you an expert in the field in which our scholarship topic is currently announced?

Choose your topic and receive a discount on your tuition fees in any of the LIGS study programs.

Dissertation topic scholarships

Hardship Scholarship

A special scholarship for MSc, Ph.D., and DBA programs that consists of reduced tuition fees and prolonged extension of the payment plan. The scholarship ward relies on an individual agreement depending on financial or other circumstances. 

Global Education Scholarship

Get a 50% Global Education Scholarship on your LIGS University MBA studies by sending us your motivation letter explaining the reasons why you should receive a scholarship. The scholarship is limited to and reserved for the first 5 approved applications on a  monthly basis.

read more about this scholarship

Financing with a smart payment plan

Do you want to study at LIGS University but would prefer to spread your tuition fees over several instalments? You can choose to do so over the course of either one or two years. The final price of the program is subject to the length of the repayment period.

View detailed information on tuition fees

Scholarship program for Hawaii Residents

Do you live and / or work in Hawaii? Are you looking for an affordable and flexible degree program? LIGS University each year offers a scholarship for residents of Hawaii, who would like to contribute to its development.

View detailed information on Opening our Doors scholarship

Looking for other funding options?

Focus on finances - organize your thoughts and plan your development

Divide your funding into smaller chunks that you can manage better.

Here are some tips on how you can finance your studies

Your own funds

Finance the tuition from your own savings or from your monthly earnings in the form of a payment plan. Set your repayments smartly so that they don't compromise your monthly budget.

  • The shorter the payment plan, the more you save
  • You can switch between the payment plans during your studies - you can extend or shorten your repayment plan
Student loans

Explore bank offers to see if they have a suitable financial product for your studies.

Become a LIGS University Ambassador

Are you satisfied with your studies? Become our ambassador, bring in a new student and reduce your tuition fees.

Reach out to your friends

Growth, development, planning, estimation and drive for results. These qualities can help you to reach out to your friends who can support you and you can return their help and demonstrate your ability with your push for results.

And a few more tips on financing

  • Scholarship with a government organization supporting education in specific segments
  • Help from a church organization you are a part of
  • Scholarship from philanthropists or private organizations
  • Tuition reimbursement through your company's HR department
  • Extended family assistance

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