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Get quality development of your coaching and mentoring skills, whether it's encouraging new ideas or improving performance.

What will you study?

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers
Improving Your Listening Skills
Improving Presentations and Executive Presence
Using Questions to Foster Critical Thinking and Curiosity

Every day presents opportunities to shape careers, inspire innovation, and enhance resilience, and that's where coaching and mentoring skills truly shine. You can harness these capabilities to elevate performance, whether you're guiding talented individuals, fostering fresh perspectives, or preparing for the inevitable challenges that lie ahead.
Whether you're looking to inspire change within your organization, navigate career transitions, or simply become a better, more empathetic leader, this course will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to unlock your full potential.



Type: Online course 
Duration: Study 15 minutes a day for 1 month
7.5 hours (self-paced pure study time)
Award: Certificate
Language: English

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Tuition fee includes:

  • electronic materials,
  • Unlimited access and use of LMS (Learning Management System),
  • feedback of lecturers on the assignments,
  • electronic communications with the lecturers,
  • e-learning tests,
  • recommended professional webinars (online seminars) from the LIGS University offer.

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  • Non-refundable $100 application fee, which reciprocates the administration tied to the processing of your application (application review, scholarship request review, preparation of the Enrollment Agreement and payment plan).
  • Graduation fee in the amount of $100 paid upon successful completion of the program covering the costs associated with issuing, printing and mailing the diploma via standard post service. 
  • Telecommunication and Internet connection fees,
  • Travel costs, if any. 

Empower your journey with coaching and mentoring mastery

You'll acquire invaluable skills applicable to both your daily life
and the dynamic landscape of coaching and mentoring within the business realm.

Let's embark on this enriching journey together.


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What you'll gain from this course

Enhance your reputation
Acquire a certification that enhances your practical skills.
Elevate your career
Elevate your professional journey and personal growth to new heights.
Earn your course certificate
Receive a valuable digital certificate upon course completion.
Improve your CV
Highlight your new business skills and enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Coaching & Mentoring

How are the studies carried out?


Within each daily section, you'll discover a variety of study resources tailored to the module's specific theme.


  • Multimedia Content: Engage with a blend of audio-visual materials.
  • Supplementary suggestions for compelling e-books, videos, or web resources that are pertinent and captivating.
  • Brief assessments designed to assess your ongoing advancement.


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Coaching Skills

Dive into the world of coaching and develop the art of guiding and inspiring your teams effectively. This course empowers you to master the art of guiding and inspiring teams effectively, enhancing your leadership abilities with coaching expertise.

Critical Thinking and Curiosity

Develop the ability to uncover hidden opportunities, challenge assumptions, and drive innovation through the questions you pose. Unleash the potential of inquiry to stimulate creativity and insight, equipping you with a valuable skill for promoting critical thinking and curiosity.

Listening Mastery

Discover the essential role of active listening in understanding, empathizing, and connecting on a deeper level with those you lead and mentor. You'll gain insights into the psychology of effective listening, resolving conflicts, and creating a more supportive and engaged work environment.

Powerful Presentations

Transform into a confident and influential communicator. Learn how to captivate your audience, convey your ideas with impact, and command attention in professional settings. Whether you're leading a team or addressing a boardroom, you'll possess the skills to leave a lasting impression.

Consulting Expertise

Elevate your consulting skills and establish your professional brand. Explore the core principles of effective consulting, from problem-solving to client engagement. You'll not only gain expertise in delivering actionable solutions but also learn how to position yourself as a trusted consultant.

Learning from Failure

Embrace the concept of failure as a stepping stone to success and learn how to turn setbacks into opportunities for growth. You'll gain a new perspective on failure, discovering how it can fuel personal and professional advancement, ultimately making you a more effective and adaptable leader.

How it's all going to work?

What do I need to do to improve my market value and meet my goals?

You will gain
access to the
LIGS University LMS
The course
consists of
thirty short
15-minute lessons
Benchmark tests
allow you to see your career
Once you
finish a lesson,
the next one is automatically unlocked
There's nothing
stopping you, you can start
right know
Upon completing
the course and
the final test, you'll receive your CERTIFICATE

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