Tuition Fees

Tuition fee plans for your studies at LIGS University



Postgraduate degree

Price per credit $100
Number of credits 45
Total tuition $4,500

*Creating an individual installment plan is possible and might be subject to an administrative fee if not agreed upon otherwise. 


Strengthening and expanding knowledge for managerial growth.

Lump-sum payment $5,900
1-year-long installment plan $6,785 
2-years-long installment plan $8,200


The highest level of management qualification.

Lump-sum payment $8,400
1-year-long installment plan $9,660 
2-years-long installment plan $11,676


The highest academic education to support a prestigious career.

Lump-sum payment $8,400
1-year-long installment plan $9,660 
2-years-long installment plan $11,676

Tuition fees include

Access to and use of the online Learning Management System (LMS)

Electronic study materials

Access to a vast e-library with hundreds of electronic and audiobooks

Online study support and electronic communication with lecturers and supervisors

E-learning tests

Opportunity to register for and attend webinars

Tuition fees do not include: Application and graduation fees (both of which are $100, respectively), telecommunication and internet fees, and any travel costs.

Create a financing plan

Step 1. Estimate your costs

Calculate your monthly expenses and how much you can invest in your studies.

Evaluate whether your situation allows you to pay the tuition fees in one lump sum, thus paying the lowest amount for your studies.

Step 2. Reduce your tuition fees

Explore our scholarship and payment plan options.

Are you an expert in a field for which we have a scholarship topic? Get a discount on your tuition by writing a dissertation on that topic.




Step 3. Calculate the tuition breakdown

Plan your total tuition payment: The shorter the payment period, the more you save.

Step 4. Discuss study support options with your employer

Ask your HR department about tuition fee reimbursement options. 

Look around to see if any organizations in your area, such as churches, foundations, or government institutions, can support your studies.

Approach companies and offer your experience and development in education.


When does the program start?

Interactive Online programs are launched as soon as you are ready to get started. Thanks to the online format, you can jump into the studies anytime, anywhere, without fear of missing a scheduled date.

What if I don't have all my documents, but I want to study now?

Most often our prospective students lack a diploma supplement or a diploma itself. If you have not yet received these documents from your educational institution, please send us a certificate of completion with your application instead. You can send the documents later. The granting of an exception to the admission criteria or conditional acceptance of a student is subject to the review and decision of the Vice Provost.

Is the tuition fee final?

At LIGS University, you select a tuition payment plan prior to the start of your studies, which is final; in addition to tuition, prospective students pay a $100 application fee. Upon completion of studies, a graduation fee of $100 is then required for the issuance and mailing of the diploma by standard post services. If your course of study is standard, there are no additional fees. And that's it! You know in advance how much you will pay in total for your studies.  

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Tuition Fees
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