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We will take care of your path to education

Online and offline study time depends entirely on your commitment

An individual study plan is a right and not a privilege. Start today and begin your online academic journey.

You get a global team of faculty

The faculty are professionals in their fields. They combine the best of academia and management practice.

Technology supported personal approach throughout

At LIGS you will never be a number on a list. Our administrators, support staff and even our faculty are available to guide and help you at any time throughout your journey with LIGS.


Choose your program

You choose the subjects you study according to your experience and professional goals. Your personal faculty will help you with your choice.

Our campus has been virtual for more than 15 years

We strive for excellence by continuously focusing on improving our learning environment and we guarantee a flawless and enjoyable online learning experience.

LIGS University has no borders

Whenever and whereever you can secure an internet connection you will enjoy full access to our online learning resources. At LIGS we believe in removing all obstacles so to create a borderless world where we can respect, enjoy and deliver the knowledge.

 You decide your destiny when you choose your program to fit your needs and goals.

For Leaders

  • Ensure your success in the job market or in business.
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition with postgraduate education.
  • Our lecturers are experts in their fields and work to pass on this expertise to you.
  • You will develop new and better skills as a manager that will shape you into tomorrow's leader.

What will I gain from studying at LIGS University?

  • Learn new management theories and how to apply them to your career
  • Cultivate new techniques and apply them academically and professionally
  • Increase your competitiveness in the global job market

LIGS has been operating online for over fifteen years - it's in our DNA!

LIGS University's programs break down potential boundaries for our learners. Location, time and even our individual physical health present no challenges in our ability to deliver to you a worldclass educational experience. Our models are global in every sense of the word and once you are admitted to our University, you will know no boundaries.

Choose the subject matter according to your unique experience and goals. Our lecturers can assist you with your selection process as you design your personal path towards success.

Our top priority is to help you secure the greatest and most valuable educational experience you can from our institution. Our personal approach sets us above our competition and will become the signature characteristic you will rely upon as you matriculate through our program.

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