Accreditation and Certification

Certified Quality by International Authorities

Accreditation and Certification

Quality, contribution, care and assistance provided to students from all over the world are the core values of our university. Striving for constant innovation and improvement is of great importance to us. We want to showcase our unique approach to education through further certifications and accreditations.

What is the legal basis for the operation of LIGS University?

LIGS University is a private American university based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA where it resides, operates and manages academic activities.

Does LIGS University have to be accredited according to the law?

In the US it is not obligatory to get accreditations and it depends on the universities' decision whether they endeavor to earn them. However, accreditations and certifications are a sign of credibility and quality. It means that the university is advancing, developing and improving its programs, becoming more efficient, and focused on student welfare. LIGS University wants to be exceptional in the best possible ways.

Is LIGS University accredited?

The LIGS University holds International Accreditation from ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities) with Premier Status for its commendable Areas of Operation.

ASIC Accreditation is a leading, globally recognized quality standard in international education. Institutions undergo an impartial and independent external assessment process to confirm their provision meets rigorous internationally accepted standards, covering the whole spectrum of its administration, governance, and educational offering. Achieving ASIC Accreditation demonstrates to students and stakeholders that an institution is a high-quality education provider that delivers safe and rewarding educational experiences and is committed to continuous improvement throughout its operation.
About ASIC: One of the largest international accreditation agencies operating in 70+ countries, ASIC is recognized in the UK by UKVI - UK Visas and Immigration (part of the Home Office of the UK Government), is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) Accredited and is a Full Member of The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), a member of the BQF (British Quality Foundation), a member of the International Schools Association (ISA), and an institutional member of EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network). 

LIGS University ASIC Premier University Accreditation Certificate


LIGS University is established and complies with Hawaii Revised Statues Law § 446E.


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What is LIGS University's quest?

While obtaining a national or regional accreditation is not mandatory in the US, LIGS University will make every effort to bring the best possible education to its students. We are thrilled to have students from dozens of countries around the world, including the USA, studying at LIGS University. This confirms the quality and excellent service to students, as evidenced by the ASIC Premier University's status, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 29990:2010.

International ISO Certification

International Organization for Standardization

LIGS University je držitelem certifikátu ISO/IEC 27001


LIGS University holds an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, an internationally recognized standard defining requirement for the information security of management systems, mainly information security management of employees, processes, IT systems and company strategies. Additionally, it ensures compliance with current legislative requirements (especially the protection of personal data). ISO 27001 enforces the building of a solid information management system, provides greater security and reduces the risk of sensitive information leakage.

LIGS University je držitelem certifikátu systému kvality managementu organizace ISO 9001


LIGS University also holds the ISO / IEC 9001 Quality Management System Certificate, emphasizing higher credibility through an internationally recognized audited certificate.

LIGS University je také držitelem certifikátu systému kvality ISO 29990:2010


LIGS University also holds the ISO 29990:2010 certificate, which endorses the fact that we comply with, and continuously improve, the quality of our learning services to the full extent. 

Accreditation and studies FAQ

Is it possible to use the titles from LIGS University?

Yes. Our graduates receive a diploma from LIGS University, which they can legally use.

Is it possible for the degrees to be recognized by the government of my own country?

As a global online university, we do not have experience with the recognition in other countries (our students and graduates come from at least 75 countries), as the students need to manage that themselves (in compliance with the laws of their country). 

Our students at LIGS University study for their personal development, to improve their professional knowledge, to take advantage of an effective online education, and to become part of an international community. Their primary goal is not a recognized title in their country.

Recommendation: If your goal is to obtain a recognized title in your country, we cannot guarantee that and we recommend that you get informed at your local department of education before applying.  

What are the entry requirements?

Requirements for master’s degree programs are as follows: English on a level of Intermediate High - Advanced Low (ACTFL)/“B2” (CEFR) or higher. Bachelor's degree diploma or its equivalent. 

The application must contain a copy of the diploma from your highest achieved education, a transcript of records, copy of an ID card (personal ID, passport, or driving license), photo, and up-to-date CV written in English.

Requirements for doctoral degree programs are as follows: English on a level of Intermediate High - Advanced Low (ACTFL)/“B2” (CEFR) or higher. Master’s degree diploma or its equivalent. The application must contain a copy of the diploma from your highest achieved education, a transcript of records, copy of an ID card (personal ID, passport, or driving license), photo, and up-to-date CV written in English.

All required documents are sent via online application form.

Application for study

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