Admission Requirements

Everything you need to know about the admission procedure.

General admission requirements

The admissions process is not complicated, you can apply to study in just a few clicks.


Language of study

Proficiency in the English language is a must.

All applicants must be able to understand, read, speak, and write in the required language using at least a B2 level of proficiency.

Highest achieved level of education

You are a college or university graduate with a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

Application fee & Admission process

An application fee is an added cost associated with submitting an application for consideration. The application fee covers administrative costs for the application and its assessment and evaluations. A total of $100 is required after the application submission. The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of the final decision of acceptance or rejection. 

Admission process

Prospective students consult the contract and tuition fee plan prior to their Final Acceptance. 

Application is considered upon complete submission of the documents and after the application fee is credited. Final acceptance is subject to the decision of the Vice Provost at his sole discretion


For consideration, you need to submit the following documents: 

  • Electronic application form
  • Official academic transcript records are required confirming highest degree conferred
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Government-issued ID
  • Photo

No administrative hurdles - everything is sent electronically as part of the application form.


When does the program start?

Interactive Online programs are launched as soon as you are ready to get started. Thanks to the online format, you can jump into the studies anytime, anywhere, without fear of missing a scheduled date.

What if I don't have all my documents, but I want to study now?

Most often our prospective students lack a diploma supplement or a diploma itself. If you have not yet received these documents from your educational institution, please send us a certificate of completion with your application instead. You can send the documents later. The granting of an exception to the admission criteria or conditional acceptance of a student is subject to the review and decision of the Vice Provost.

Is the tuition fee final?

At LIGS University, you select a tuition payment plan prior to the start of your studies, which is final; in addition to tuition, prospective students pay a $100 application fee. Upon completion of studies, a graduation fee of $100 is then required for the issuance and mailing of the diploma by standard post services. If your course of study is standard, there are no additional fees. And that's it! You know in advance how much you will pay in total for your studies.  

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