George W. Alexander - Ambassador LIGS University

George W. Alexander

Retired Political science and History professor

I am honored to be appointed as an ambassador for LIGS University. It is a position I am most proud of.  Indeed, I see great opportunities created for people by having access to higher education. LIGS is providing the opportunity and is enabling people to achieve their educational goals online, beyond borders and from anywhere in the world. Without online education these goals would be unattainable. Therefore, I am seeking to promote LIGS University wherever I can. It gives me great satisfaction being an instrument in promoting the university and creating an awareness for individuals of the opportunities available to them.  

George W. Alexander is from New York, USA and has a career in real estate development and worked as an investment advisor. George is currently a doctoral student at LIGS University with a major in finance.

He has a BBA Degree from Florida Atlantic University with a major in accounting and background courses in Real Estate, Management, Finance and Computer Science. He also has an MBA Degree from the University of the People. George has continued his studies as a lifelong learner and has an educational background in political science and international relations as well. George is enthusiastic about online learning and suggests it is the new and acceptable educational model that is now bringing higher education to a greater number of people around the world.

As a Ph.D. candidate George is specializing in venture capital. He is conducting research on entrepreneurial high-tech startups and developing firms and their capital structure. His long-term view is focused on learning more about this industry and their respective investment models and decision making and how this effects investment management in international economies.

George says, “Indeed, I have become a lifelong learner. So when I found LIGS on line and that it offered an affordable and flexible self-paced PhD program, which was the next step for me in the business curriculum, I leaped at the opportunity to enroll in the program. LIGS has given me the flexibility to continue my education and to be able to work at my own pace while allowing time for career activities and family time. LIGS has provided the opportunity to receive an accredited, affordable online quality education that will surely contribute to my future success. I appreciate the opportunity LIGS has given me to pursue a doctorate degree in business administration and finance. My hope is that others will continue their graduate education and studies through LIGS and achieve their goals.“

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