Gilbert Ng - Ambassador LIGS University

Gilbert Ng

Coaching Management Senior Trainer & Coach for Asia Market

I am very pleased and honored to be given this opportunity to be appointed as the LIGS Ambassador. I would like to begin with a self-introductory. My name is Gilbert Ng, a Malaysian Chinese who was born in Malaysia, one of most the beautiful countries in South East Asia with a rich multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society.

My career began with the Malaysian Banking and Finance Industry in the early 80’s and lasted for almost two decades. During those years of service, I had held various senior management positions with different banks, namely; the United Merchant Finance Bhd., the Hong Leong Bank (M) Bhd., and the RHB Unit Trust Management Bhd.

During my years of employment in the Financial Institution, I had won several awards;   i.e. the Best Regional Manager Award, the Best Large Branch Award, the First Runner-up Big Branch Award, the Best Large Branch Award and the Merit for Kids Saving Accounts Award.

After the Asian financial crisis in 1998, I took a quantum leap in my career decision and decided to leave the banking profession. I then joined the Federal Auto Holdings Bhd (Volvo, Malaysia) as their Dealer Principal. However, I was later headhunted to be the Head of Country for the ITD World Group in Vietnam.

The turning point in my life was in 2008 when I took the offer and joined the ITD World Group in Vietnam. There, I was given the opportunity to meet up with world top leadership guru, John Maxwell and organized two major seminar with him in Ho Chi Minh City. After these two very successful seminars, I have decided to join John Maxwell Team and became their Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker in 2012.

After that, I started to train and coach managers, directors and CEOs to Fortune 500 Companies, Multinational Corporations, SMI/SME, Banks, Insurance Companies, Associations, Charity Organizations and Government Bodies in South East Asia.

To stay aloft in my profession as a trainer and coach, I have never stopped learning. Since then, I have acquired the Certified Training Professional (CTP) awarded by ARTDO International, Philippines and also obtained the Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also holding the professional membership with The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK; the Malaysian Institute of Management and the Institute of Leadership & Management, UK. In addition, I am certified as the Financial Planner with CFP and am also admitted as a Member with the International Coach Federation.

As the training industry in Asia region is becoming more demanding and sophisticated, I was looking forward to further enhance my knowledge in leadership and management and to obtain a DBA program in the Human Resource field somewhere in 2013. After months of research and consideration, I made up my mind to enroll for LIGS University online DBA in 2015 with three these key reasons, i.e. LIGS is accredited by the ASIC which has demonstrated its high quality of learning resources; LIGS DBA program is very flexible in the learning schedule and its lecturers will not compromise with their commitment to mentor/supervise our study; and LIGS has a great team to support/advice and are very committed to assist potential/existing students in their study/exam challenges in a very professional manner.

I am both happy and thankful that I have graduated with the Doctorate in Business Administration with LIGS in 2017. I do so much wish to convey my appreciation and to thank all my lecturers, supervisor and the LIGS team for their support and commitment before and during my study with the university.

Having a credential Doctorate degree with LIGS University has boosted my confident and further enhanced my professional image, at the same time also provides me with more training and coaching opportunities in Asia Region.

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