4 challenges that can change your career

11. 13. 2015

Career change does not always happen on a daily basis, although it is a rather long process that happens over time. Motivated people work on themselves throughout their entire life; they even study while working full-time with the hopes that their education and the knowledge that they acquire will bring them opportunities for career advancement in the future.

4 challengesGone are the days when young people went to college and then after graduation started to work in their respective field, possibly even with one employer for their entire working life.

Change dominates labor markets in the 21st century. For people who are in the labor market, there is a constant need to expand and refine their knowledge base.

People's desire to change careers is often because of negative reasons ('I can't stay here another day!'). Thus, we are often thinking more about what we don't want than what we do.

What direction should our career take?

4 important steps for career advancement

Self-awareness – Take stock of your resources, strengths, and experience along with what motivates you. Build on your functional skills – take advantage of your core competencies and knowledge and apply them to new areas. Determine where you could break through first based on what you are good at. Then, think about a way to approach potential employers and build contacts.

Start with a parallel career – even if you stay at your current position, you can still build a new career. You can dedicate evenings or weekends to your new job. Over time, this new career can become a priority, and you will allow you to leave your current workplace.

Try an internal development – if you want to stay with your current employer, take an interest in internal job openings. For example, pay attention to unmet needs and offer your assistance with tasks nobody wants to do, even in another department. The head of the department will notice you and may open the door to you for an exciting career advancement opportunity within the company, in an environment you are already familiar with. Be sure to expand your knowledge base by engaging in new work tasks.

Go back to school so you can enter new areas where a different skill set may be needed than the one you have. Before you invest the time to make a big move, make sure that it's worth it. Thanks to our direct application approach, LIGS University will give you the tools you need to progress in your career. Our MBA, MSc, and Ph.D. programs are all online, so there is no need to attend daily lectures. This will allow you to study and work at the same time.

If the content of your MBA studies is related to your specialization, some employers may allow a partial or even full reimbursement of your education if you commit to staying with the company for a period after graduation. Thanks to the knowledge that you acquire in one of our programs, you will move up in the corporate hierarchy and choose the most appealing and appropriate career path.

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