4 Top Pandemic-Friendly Business Ideas!

10. 26. 2020

The Coronavirus outbreak is shaking up the global economy on a massive scale and low-cost business ideas are the new trend. The world is scrambling hard to combat the current and upcoming economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, but this could be an exciting opportunity to contemplate a business idea for the future.


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With unemployment predicted to double, many may consider starting their own business, possibly starting to work on it while on furlough. 

There are 4 business tip from LIGS, which are easy to lauch and their demand is increasing every day!

1) Online consulting business

No matter what your professional background is, you have knowledge and expertise to pass on to others. From professional skills such as supply chain management or finance to lifestyle skills such as music classes or dietician consultancy, you can advise others in just about any skill you have knowledge in. Start an online consulting business where you can connect with clients and offer them insight as to how they can scale and improve their business. Become an expert in how COVID-19 is changing business trends in your industry and familiarize yourself with the new tax changes and legislations. With this information in mind, you can help guide other businesses through the pandemic to ensure their stability. Combined with your professional insight, they’ll be succeeding in no time.

2) Digital marketing agency

With constantly new and emerging apps and websites, knowing how to market a client digitally is an incredibly valuable asset. Businesses are constantly looking for agencies who can help them cut through the noise and stand out against their competitors online. Create a digital marketing agency that offers clients content marketing, social media, SEO services, paid and targeted advertising, analytics, web design and consulting. Having a robust agency that includes some or all of these services is very appealing to clients and the more success you have with them, the more clients you’ll get.

3) Cybersecurity

With so many more people working from home during the pandemic, IT has been a struggle for companies. As such, businesses have invested in cybersecurity solutions to help protect company computers, phones and data that are being used all over the country instead of in corporate offices. With some companies telling workers they can remain remote after the pandemic, the need for cybersecurity will remain.“Companies are already dealing with remote workforces that were increasing in size — remote roles were increasing at most places, but then the whole company was remote,” Chris Wysopal, founder and chief technology officer of cybersecurity firm Veracode, told CNBC. “And so all of a sudden you had to deal with ‘How am I securing all the laptops that are there? How are all those employees getting in all the systems they need to access?’ It changed everything really, really quickly and cybersecurity people had to scramble, essentially, to make sure that that was all done well.”

4) E-commerce

With many physical stores still not allowing full capacity because of the pandemic and some closed for good because of COVID-19, more people are shopping online than ever. E-commerce sales in the United States increased more than 40% year-over-year in August 2020, reaching $63 billion, according to data from Adobe. Now, even if people head back to these stores after the pandemic, the convenience of online shopping will remain and more people will take advantage of that.“We are seeing signs that online purchasing trends formed during the pandemic may see permanent adoption,” Taylor Schreiner, Director of Adobe Digital Insights, said in a recent report. “While BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) was a niche delivery option pre-pandemic, it is fast becoming the delivery method of choice as consumers become more familiar with the ease, convenience and experience.”

If you have always been keen to start a business then now is as good a time as any. Life’s landscape has shifted so dramatically that it has left many cracks and gaps that need filling and clear problems that need solving. Look for the ways you can help people with the skills you have and you’ll get closer to your lightbulb moment. 

Some of these ideas have more longevity than others and some will require you to move quickly to take advantage of the current climate. Work out how you can test the market, what knowledge you need and don’t be afraid of failure. 

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