5 Tips to Make a Successful Career Change

3. 21. 2018

Unfortunately, not every one of us will find a dream job right from the start. We often think we know exactly what we want to do in our lives. Confrontation with reality and everyday routine, however, often leads to gradual realization that a dream career is not completely for us. It might happen to someone quite soon, to others after years of working in the same position.

Dissatisfaction can arise for various reasons. Some simply get tired of working for years in one industry and need radical change, in order to avoid stagnation. Others may realize that the content of the chosen job does not entirely match their character traits, for example, as they do not like to deal with customers.

Whatever the reasons, changing a career is an important step that should be carefully considered. But what if your decision is final and you still do not know where to move next?

Successful career

Think about your current job

This step will be easy if you absolutely hate your job and find nothing good about it. But let’s assume that there are several activities that are enjoyable and fulfilling. Try to analyze your job by tracking down your thoughts on each activity you do – did you enjoy it or was it boring? It will tell you a lot about where your interests are.

Write down your hobbies

Surely, you have a lot of hobbies and interests. Write all of them down, including your previous jobs, volunteer work, your participation in projects, etc. Consider whether there is a significant link between each of them and put your findings into context with the information from the previous step. Now you should have at least a partial idea of what direction you would like to take.

Compare selected areas

Get as much information about possible careers in the areas that you have identified. Ask your friends if any of them work in the selected industry or search information on the internet. Try to find someone who will allow you to spend part of the day with him at the office and watch him perform his duties.

Become a volunteer

If you already have a clearer idea of your future career, explore the possibilities of volunteering for employers in the field. You will get the best idea of what duties the selected position involves and quickly find out if the job is right for you.

Consider further education

Even if you have already decided and started sending out resumes, you haven’t succeeded yet. Candidates with more experience and education in the given field will most likely also apply for the same position. Consider whether it would be a good idea to improve your educational background so you can at least balance the other candidates. You can choose from a wide range of short-term courses as well as degree programs, which, for example, at LIGS University can be studied in 100% online form!

Application for study

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