7 study techniques every student should try!

10. 19. 2016

These useful study tips will show you how to make your studies a lot easier.

Use a different color for each course

For each class or specialization use different colored notebooks, pens, and highlighters. It will help you to keep your notes and study materials in order, as well as your mind.

Listen to classical music

Listen to classical music when you’re studying. It will help you to relax. You can start with Debussy or Beethoven.

Try to practice your mental muscle memory

Some individuals learn better through rehearsal via writing or verbal repetition. So, take a pen and try to make notes. Perhaps it may be you, to who the muscle memory process works the best. 

Use mnemonic devices

Dex from the movie Something Borrowed used the acronym “Dex Buys Celebratory Dinner" to help his friend better remember the first letters of each element when studying the elements of negligence at NYU (Duty, Breach, Causation, and Damages).  This is a real technique. Knowing the first letters of each word will trigger your mind to recovery a full memory of what you need to know. Try to come up with something similar for facts that are hard for you to remember.

Record yourself

Record yourself reading questions. After each question, leave about a 5-10 second pause so when you listen later, you have time to come up with an answer in your head. When you’ve finished the recording, listen to it when you go for a walk, shopping or want to give your eyes a break. 

Take exercise breaks

Studying for exams hours upon hours can take its toll on your body. The spine suffers the most, but you can also feel pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. Thus, don't forget to take a break a few times a day to stretch and do a few squats. The body will hurt less, and you will feel fresher. 

Make studying fun

At least once in a while leave the comfort of your chair and the 'safety' of your home. Gather together a few classmates from one of your courses, and make a study game. You could all examine each other, discuss what you don't understand or make a quiz. If you follow these steps, you will both learn to relax and gain a little bit more knowledge at the same time. 

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