Asic Inclusivity Award | Reasoning by LIGS University

4. 29. 2021

We at LIGS University applaud equal opportunities for everyone. Here is our reasoning for the Asic Inclusivity Award. And even though we may not win this year, we believe that we made quite a compelling argument.

The first thought of establishing LIGS University was born in the first years of the millennium as it brought winds of change to the mindset of businessmen and entrepreneurs, with a simple goal in mind that was to establish a modern educational institution prepared for the challenges of the future. We strongly believe in equal opportunities and an equal approach. During the 15 years of existence of LIGS University, we are more than proud to always place a great deal of importance on improving and consistently implementing new policies for promoting equality among our staff, lecturers, and last but not least, the learners.

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As a global institution providing business education to the international spectrum of learners living around the globe, we are determined to set a good example to the global community of learners. For us, championing equality doesn’t mean pushing the standards over limits and just for the sake of promoting equality, it rather means exercising rights and differences concerning human rights without any discrimination stemming from the said difference whether in terms of gender, disabilities or only because of cultural differences. Such positive examples may lead to the internalization of our core values in the value system of everyone that crosses our path, which in compliance with our beliefs contribute to making the world we live in a better place.

And from the reasons stated above, LIGS University has made several great steps on the way to advance and cause an impact on the inclusivity policies during 2020. Our unique approach to education enables us to teach by doing, women in business have a voice that should not be overheard or heard and be belittled. Their approach to doing business is unique. LIGS University is completely aware of the growing number of women in business and is watching them succeed with bated breath and excitement.

LIGS University management has welcomed two junior members in the middle management positions last year. Stephanie, appointed as a Head of Student Services, and Tereza, appointed as a Sales and Marketing Manager. We at LIGS have identified the potential that radiated from these two young ladies despite the short management experience as we believe that experience comes with time.

Apart from this example of career growth, we also recognize the importance of personal satisfaction from both the career and the family. Women should not be forced to decide to pursue either a career or establish a family and to prove that, we have welcomed 3 ladies who are very good at handling their careers and their children at the same time. These re-additions to our team contribute to the services of the LIGS University working from their homes on maternity leaves and therefore balance their lives without compromising.


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Another dimension we have improved during the past twelve months is the gender distribution in lecturers of webinars organized by LIGS University, as in comparison to 2019, we have doubled the number of webinars thrown by women resulting in an almost equal number of women- and men- presenters. From 91 webinars organized between February 2020 till February 2021, 43 of them were presented by our female lecturers. By this, we want the world to see and learn from successful women in business.

Considering and respecting the different points of view is another very important constituent of emphasizing equality. Listening to different voices makes up for promoting diversity. And we place such emphasis on listening to our student’s individual needs. LIGS University programs welcome people with different cultural equipage or with mental or physical disabilities. 100% online studies enable people who find it difficult to pursue traditional education to study from the comfort of their houses without the need to travel and under the pace that fits them the most, access to all the materials from our central learning management system considerably lowers the number of obstacles that need to be overcome and might be a great challenge for not only the people from developing countries but even for people with disabilities. At LIGS University, the individualization of approach is always possible. We open our doors to those who could have a hard time studying in a regular present form and individualize our e-test as well as the general approach toward such students. We are aware that this will open many possibilities and help special needs students to finish their degree and pursue their dream career goals afterward.  

To unlock such educational opportunities and experience to more prospective students with various backgrounds, we have adopted a new scholarship type named “The Hardship Scholarship” that replaced all the previous types of scholarships such as developing country scholarship, scholarship for people with a handicap or financial need scholarship. The essence of this unified scholarship scheme is not to classify or label students who are being faced with challenges that make pursuing their studies difficult but to help them to achieve success despite that. As educators should seek an answer not to why is it difficult to study, rather how to make it possible for everyone. 

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