Challenge yourself. Change direction. Transform your career. Turn the crisis into an opportunity!

10. 22. 2020

Challenge yourself. Change direction. Transform your career. Turn the crisis into an opportunity!



Why study MBA?

If you are looking to change career, relocate or secure a more challenging role, an MBA program could be the right thing for you. Whatever your aspirations, the LIGS University MBA programs will take you as far as you want to go.

Where can we take you?

What is an MBA (Masters of Business Administration)? An MBA is a globally-recognised master’s degree. It will provide you will skills and knowledge in all areas of business and management. This will enable you to take on senior leadership roles and thrive in today's competitive global landscape.

Why choose the LIGS University MBA? 

We offer a range of Interactive Online MBA courses. Our MBA curriculum focuses on ’learning-by-doing’, global study opportunities and flexibility. You'll start by studying the Business Ethics, and core business and management courses (Management, Finance, Marketing,Communication and Human Resources). You'll also take on practical business projects and choose specialist electives. Our MBA lecturers are made up of talented professionals from across the globe. This international network will enrich your learning and open up a world of opportunities. 

Why Now?

The world has changed. Entering into the unknown will be a little more difficult after the coronavirus period than it used to be during economic growth. But even from this situation, something positive can be gained. In this period, when the business is in decline and many people are working at home-office or do not have the opportunity to work at all, it is necessary to use the time as efficiently as possible. If not now, then when?

How could you take advantage of the upcoming crisis?

The world’s upcoming crisis after coronavirus epoch will require talented professionals. LIGS University now offers crisis MBA programs in order to train talented manager all over the world. New programs, Crisis management and Financial Management in Today's World, are made for those who wants to enrich themself and prepare for the next phase.

So...Are you ready become a professional in your field?

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