Dental tourism management in low price markets

4. 20. 2021

Medical tourism is the way toward going to the countries abroad to get clinical or dental treatment. The primary reasons why patients are searching for treatment in other countries are: lower cost of medicines and services or patients are not happy with the clinical/dental treatment in their country. Concerns and risk factors for patients consolidate consistent thought quality, shortfall of correspondence between the patient and the dental trained professional, shortfall of post-treatment follow up, inconvenience in getting a medical services protection. To alleviate the danger, it is significant that the patient works with an exceptionally settled facilitator. Having dental treatment in low price countries, “tourist/patient” can save up to 75 % and simultaneously they can have an excursion for much lower cost of what you would follow through on in the significant expense country for the dentistry alone. Various Europeans have viably discovered the upsides of dentistry in low price countries in Central and Eastern Europe. A significant number of Austrians who need dental work have it done in Hungary. The situation is shockingly similar to the inhabitants of Germany, Switzerland, and Britain. They visit "more affordable dental nations" reliably. The expenses of dental services and travel are lower in "more affordable dental countries”, and the dental treatments are on the professional level.


The CAWI method, based on the technique of computer-assisted data collection has been used. The websites are usually the first point with global service providers. (Maguire et al., 2016)

Quantitative Research helped to collect data necessary to answer the research question.

Utilized methodology assisted with acquiring the appropriate responses on "why" and "how" questions and to recognize the most unpredictable issues in space of dental tourism.

The analysis has been done on most comprehensive way, and the most adequate and substantial hotspots for optional information refers to scientific and published information.

Literature search involved reviewing all available materials. These materials include dental tourism agencies information, scientific publications, on-line databases, and any other published materials.


The most requested dental treatments from patients using the dental tourism agencies on annual basis, percentage ratio are implants, dentures, fillings, cosmetic treatments, and extractions.

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Dental tourism management in low price markets


Dentistry in “low price dental countries” has been practised for many years and all possible treatments in dentistry are accessible. The most requested are implants and corrective methods.

Dental specialists from low price countries are having a worldwide patient and a significant number of these dental specialists communicate in English fluently.

Dental specialists in low dental price countries are modernizing rapidly and keeping the low costs.


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Dental tourism management in low price markets

Czech Republic

Dental patients can get dental medicines at a reasonable cost and make the most of their visit in Prague.

Costa Rica

Sightseers can appreciate the common magnificence of Costa Rica and get dental treatment by experienced dental specialists.


Hungary is the top country for European dental patients. Hungarian dental specialists offer high-quality treatments with the best world dental specialists. Patients could likewise appreciate a pleasant city and enjoy a fascinating touring visit.


Spanish dental specialists are offering best in class dental services, however, the costs for dental medicines are fundamentally higher than in Central and Eastern European countries.


Numerous dental facilities in Thailand engaged with dental treatment are in organizations with local hotels which offer lower rates to their patients.


Turkey is well known as a touristic place where individuals can find the beautiful cultural places of Turkey.  The majority of standard tourists are utilizing a chance and getting a good dental service in Turkey.


Low Cost, High quality, Immediate Service, Travel opportunities are some of the benefits that dental tourist might have when travelling to low price countries for dental services.

Based on the pricing offered for the same services in high price countries they could save Saving up to 70 % on dental treatment cost.

Dental specialists in low price countries who are offering a dental service to outsider patients are accomplished, exceptionally prepared and they are utilizing the most present technology and materials.

In these markets, patients can get any dental services at the most convenient time for them.

In addition, there is an opportunity to combine dental service/help with vacation. Not expensive travel is a good opportunity for dental patients to enjoy their free time.


When compare with dentists’ price from high price countries, there are extremely high Savings with Dental Tourism which is 30% and 50% of the price offered in high price countries.

When getting some of the more complex treatments (implants, crowns).  – the saving could go up to 75%

In low-price countries, the clinical workers, including dental specialists are roused to learn, and they keep the best expectations in clinical and education. (For instance: General Dental Council from the UK requires just a competence test and experience verification from Serbian dental specialists prior to giving them permit to rehearse in the UK).

Dentists in Central and Eastern European countries know that patients from developed countries expect high quality and very modern dental services. Dental Clinics in Central and Eastern European countries have the latest models of computer-assisted technologies. This region has a chance to be the most famous destination for dental tourism by offering the best-in-class services, knowledge, and low prices, but also the most modern technologies.

Number of Practicing Dentists

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Dental tourism management in low price markets



Top Dental Clinics Ranking in 2018 in Central and Eastern Europe

Dental tourism management in low price markets



The GCR is based on GCR score, an algorithm developed by leading healthcare and data experts ( August 2018)


Startup company in dental tourism intends to establish its central office in the biggest city in one of the C&EE countries. This would create an opportunity to have the access to the best dental facilities, to travel services, to current internet business knowledge, and sources of financial capital.

That Company area ought to guarantee outstandingly great coordination when arriving at existing and possible client base, just as strategic business partners.

The company will outsource activities in which the company cannot create capabilities.

The central company office will have the executive team, salesforce, marketing team and administrative staff.

The company is a privately organized corporation.

Based on the business strategy, the company will open local offices and have representatives in key countries.

Using digital technology, the company will help potential dental travellers who intend to come to one of the target countries for dental services.

Based on long term business plan, and good strategy, the Company intends to control half of Europe's dental business turnover and afterwards start taking the in the worldwide market.

The company's estimation is that 50% of its annual turnover will be achieved from direct dental services and income will ascend to 20% every year. The rest will come from arraignments with local tourist agencies.

Network, Relationships and Alliances

Program development will start with the Agreement with local travel organization, including special agreements with the local Hotels’ organization / Association.

The project needs to get support from the local authorities and from the local Associations of Dentists.


Business development and profit in dental tourism depend on several factors which are the key to success. These factors are:

  • Organization construction and association as a principal factor of achievement help in finishing the assignments and keeping steady over things that should be finished.
  • Rivalry Analysis/Competitive Landscape help to get a decent information on the competition, their qualities, and shortcomings.
  • Complete Understanding of the risk and rephrases helps the business with developing.

To be creative and follow-on trends are the ways to improve a business and differentiate it from current and potential competition.


For being a leading provider of dental tourism services, it requests to have an efficient process, offer the best-in-class dental services, have a strong organizational structure, and professional and knowledgeable people. 

Investment in different projects that will support competitive advantages for potential customers in dental tourism, the establishment of the flexible structural plan, pre-service conferencing, acquisition of modern equipment is mandatory for high-level services in dental tourism.

Starting a business in Dental Tourism is a big challenge. It requests to have a clear idea, a good market understanding, business and financial knowledge and a strong network within all stakeholders.

To avoid the failure in the dental tourism area, it needs to be done:

  • Comprehensive market research
  • Detailed competitive landscape
  • Accurate revenue and costs prediction
  • Finance securing

Success in Dental Tourism Business requires focus, discipline, strong persistence, consistency, and long-term strategy.

Author: Ljiljana Lazetic

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