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7. 12. 2023

Are you ready to learn? Join Dr. Leon Tsvasman for his webinar Strategic Intelligence and Visioning: Co-Creating an Ethically-Driven Future. Don't miss the opportunity to gain free knowledge and to receive a certificate of attendance. The webinar is on ZOOM on July 25th at 2 P.M. UTC


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Why Attend?

Explore the Intersection of Strategic Intelligence and VisioningDr. Leon Tsvasman


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the interplay between strategic intelligence and visioning is becoming a cornerstone for building an ethically-grounded innovation economy and sustainable value creation. Dr. Tsvasman will dive into the depths of dynamic paradigms. This webinar provides a rigorous yet accessible academic exploration and an innovative perspective that extends beyond traditional interpretations.

Unveiling the Synergies: AI and Human Potentiality in Strategic Intelligence


Gain insights into the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) as an intelligence-enabling infrastructure that complements and amplifies human strategic intelligence. Dr. Tsvasman will trace the evolution of strategic intelligence from a competitive advantage tool to a vital instrument for navigating complexity and fostering innovation. Discover how AI and human potential synergistically contribute to strategic intelligence, leading to groundbreaking possibilities in our rapidly changing world.

Embracing Ethical Principles: Shaping a Responsible and Sustainable Future


Explore the profound impact of ethics on strategic intelligence, as we delve into the importance of prioritizing ethical principles. Dr. Tsvasman will shed light on how ethics cultivates a strategic foresight that goes beyond mere fact establishment. Discover the transformative shift towards narrative creation and long-term wisdom, driving innovation and fostering a sustainable future. Gain valuable insights into the role of higher education in shaping responsible practitioners of strategic intelligence.


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Don't miss out on this transformative journey into strategic intelligence and visioning. Register now for our webinar on July 25 at 2 P.M UTC, and gain the knowledge and tools to co-create an inclusive, sustainable, and ethically-driven future. Join Dr. Leon Tsvasman and a community of forward-thinking individuals for an engaging session that culminates in an exploration of 'Visioning' as a co-creative, participatory process. Reserve your spot today and unlock the power of strategic intelligence and visioning. 


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