George W. Alexander, Ph.D. student and Ambassador at LIGS University

1. 23. 2019

Interview with our Ph.D. student and LIGS Ambassador George W. Alexander, retired Political science and Asian history professor at the State University of New York from the United States of America.

Working with George is always a pleasure. He is very communicative, hard-working, active, and timely. George has been praised from all of the departments at LIGS University - the enrollment team, the student services department, and by his lecturers and supervisor. He has participated in many international conferences, including the one organized by LIGS University. We cannot stress enough how happy we are to be able to work with George. We wish him continued success!

George AlexanderAloha, could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Your area of expertise, background, experience, hobby, etc.?

I am from New York, USA and I had a career in real estate development and worked as an investment advisor. I currently live in Florida, USA and I am a doctoral student at LIGS University with a major in strategic management.
I have a BBA Degree from Florida Atlantic University with a major in accounting and background courses in Real Estate, Management, Finance, and Computer Science. I also have an MBA Degree from the University of the People. I have continued my studies as a lifelong learner and I also have a Ph.D. in political science and international relations. I taught political science and Asian history at the State University of New York (SUNY). I am enthusiastic about online learning and I suggest it is the new and acceptable educational model that is now bringing higher education to a greater number of people around the world.

Where did you hear about LIGS University and what inspired you to join LIGS University?

I first learned about LIGS University by doing an online search. LIGS was the right program for me as they offer a complete and flexible online doctoral program at a very low cost.

What do you think are the benefits of an online/executive form of education?

Online education is the way of the future, and with LIGS University the future is here now. Online education offers efficiency and enhances time management by allowing for flexibility especially with career professionals. It also brings higher education to a greater number of people around the world.

Can you share the value of studying at LIGS University to you?

The value of study at LIGS University allows one to be updated with current trends in education and business theory as well as applied studies.

What do education and personal development mean to you?

Personal growth through formal education is important to me. Indeed, I have become a lifelong learner. When I found LIGS University and its offer of an affordable, flexible, and self-paced Ph.D. program, which was the next step for me in the business curriculum, I enrolled immediately.

In your opinion, what trends in education do you see in the next 5-10 years from now and why?

Online education will continue to increase over the next 5-10 years simply because it is more cost efficient and time sensitive.

Based on your experience with LIGS, would you recommend cooperation with LIGS as a student and why?

I would encourage anyone (in fact I have) with an interest in higher education to study at LIGS University. The quality of the program is excellent, and the staff is very interactive and attentive to students' needs. The university is dedicated to its students and its vision and mission statements.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/s in your career and life?

I've achieved many things during my lifetime, but teaching at the college level and continuing to grow and enhance my knowledge as a life-long learner, are paramount to my personal vision.

Do you have any experience with failure/s and how did you learn from it?

I have failed in business as a result of economic downturns and vagaries in the market. I've learned to be watchful and anticipate economic cycles and to be a long-term thinker.

What are your life and work goal/s?

My current goals are to complete the Ph.D. program in business management and to teach at the university level.

What is your motto?

Never quit!

Thank you very much for the interview

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