How to become a successful business leader?

2. 4. 2014

Do you feel invisible when you're around the boss? Have you missed too many opportunities to showcase your leadership potential? If this is the case then you most likely need to learn and improve the 5 most important skills for a successful career.

1. Have a positive attitude

Positive thinking plays a huge role in your success. Enjoy your work and the challenge it provides. Work should be fun for you, not merely something to be tolerated. Pessimism is not only detrimental to your health, it can also affect interpersonal relationships with your customers and other staff members; thus becoming a liability to your business.  What seems like obstacles to your success are really opportunities to showcase your talents.

2. Be confident in your decision-making.

If you are going to become a successful leader, being decisive is paramount. If you doubt yourself as a leader than you are not fit to be one. A true leader is ready to accept risk and is ready to accept any challenge that is put in front of him/her.

 “If you never take risks in life, you'll never see anything new.”  Blake Lewis

3. The art of public speaking

The art of eloquence has gained special importance in the 21st century. Today oratory skills means being able to develop a type of a monolog aimed at a target audience that must be delivered in a persuasive way. As M. Speransky wrote:  “Eloquence is a talent to shake souls, to fill them with passion and thus to represent your opinion and state of mind”. It’s impossible to imagine a leader who couldn’t express his/her thoughts in a logically structured way. 

4. Responsibility

Responsibility is an acceptance of negative consequences, which can result from a person's decisions or actions. An effective leader accepts the blame for failures instead of placing blame on the team, thus earning their respect.

Everybody makes mistakes, but the real personality of everyone is exposed by how they react to them. The ability to approach the 'firing line' and to accept all responsibility is a sign of a self-assured person, and consequently of a successful one.

5. Work smart and organize your time

Even if you are able to behave positively, it means nothing without the most important skill – organization. If you are a scattered person, be ready for an eternal race at work. You will never adapt to changing conditions, which will result in the detriment of your work.  Deadlines will be impossible to keep up with.

Start a business diary, specify exact terms of delivery for your tasks, and make a schedule so that everything is done on time. Effective time management ensures that you are able to use your time in the most productive and efficient manner.

Author: LIGS University

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