How to choose between MBA and MSc program?

9. 15. 2014

Are you interested in studying MBA (Master of Business Administration) or MSc (Master of Science) program? If you are not sure which program you should choose, read this article, where we tried to explain the main differences between MBA and MSc programs. 

MBA and MSc programs are primarily different in their goals. Therefore it is especially important to make ​​the right decision before starting the program. In order to make this decision easier, we have prepared the basic features of each program.

The MBA program

MBA program is designed for students who already are or strive to be managers in the future. Thus the focus of the program is on the knowledge that student will be able to apply immediately in their managerial career.

An important part of an MBA program is a final thesis, which should be focused on solving problems that each student is interested in and that are directly related to their professional career. The main objective of the MBA program is to obtain knowledge that can be used in practice.

Who should choose to study an MBA program?

Master of Business Administration is recommended for anyone who wants to directly apply their studies to their practice now, or in the future as of a manager and who is looking for answers and approaches to address specific situations and issues.

The MSc program

If you decide to choose the MSc program (Master of Science), you will get more profound scientific and theoretical knowledge in a particular area. The Master of Science uses a variety of academic and research methods, drawing conclusions from the hypotheses or confirming or refuting existing hypotheses. This involves the theoretical and scientific activity, which is associated with a profound study of a particular subject or area.

Who should choose to study an MSc program?

The MSc program may be attractive especially for students who want to engage in the scientific and theoretical area, and who want to find answers to common questions related to this field. This program is suitable for those who seek answers to a wide range of issues of market and society and want to explore various hypotheses and who want to study a wide range of issues.

Main differences

The MSc program in contrast to MBA program is more theoretical in nature and contains more elements of research (research projects and reports). Another difference is the target group of students for whom the program is intended.
 The MBA program is primarily intended for managers with practice and management experience that are looking for theoretical basis and new knowledge that could be used in their everyday work.

The MSc program is primarily intended for students who have just graduated from a university and have little to no experience but who wish to obtain a theoretical basis for the duties and responsibilities of a manager. Graduation from the MSc program will help students become more competitive in the labor market.

Author: Linda Kalasova

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