How to gain respect from your colleagues

6. 7. 2017

Gaining respect from coworkers is never easy and is undoubtedly a long-term process. But think of the reward! Who wouldn’t want to be a respected member of a team? To become the one others look up to and whose decisions are considered?

How to gain respect from your colleagues?
The good news is that almost everyone can become that person. All you need to do is to put in a little bit of hard work and social intelligence. We prepared a few tips to make the entire process easier for you.

Be patient with others. Everyone works at individual pace. Some of us might be a little bit slower when it comes to learning or adapting to new job assignments. Have patience with such a colleague and show him your support. He will appreciate that you trust him. Remember, people tend to respect those who treat them fair.

Tip: Instead of criticism, offer your help to a colleague in need even if it means getting extra work.

Show interest in your colleagues. This piece of advice might sound a bit obvious but it is hard work for those who don’t enjoy small talks. Nevertheless, try to befriend your teammates and fit into the team. In return, they will trust you more and turn to you when problem arises.

Tip: Use your coffee breaks to ask your colleagues about their current projects or training they undertook. Praise them for job well done and restrain from imposing your own opinions on them.

Don’t repeat gossip. Taking interest in your colleagues is great but don’t take it too far. Gossiping about your coworkers has no use, especially when the information may prove to be false.

Tip: Don’t pass sensitive information you receive even if you are tempted. This is especially important in workplace that includes only a few people.

Help others succeed. You can easily gain respect from your colleagues by sharing your specific knowledge and helping them grow. You surely remember someone helping you out when you first started the job.

Tip:  Think about what this colleague did for you and how he mentored you. Try to incorporate his tricks into your mentoring style.

Be professional. Bear in mind that your professional behavior shouldn’t be left behind when you leave your workplace in the evening.

Tip: This is even more important when it comes to company events. Although these events are held outside workplace, it will be of no use to your reputation if your colleagues see you when you had one too many.

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