How to Go Back to Work After Vacation

1. 3. 2018

Here it comes once again. Holiday season has come and gone, New Year’s Eve has been properly celebrated and your vacation has ended. It’s time to go back to work.

But how can you do it without feeling stressed from the workload of the first few days? Believe it or not, it is quite simple. Keep on reading and we will tell you what to do!

Take it easyHow to Go Back to Work After Vacation

Don’t plan anything complicated for the first day or two. Schedule your meetings for the following days and keep your calendar empty, if possible. Start with simple and routine tasks that bring quick results. The feeling of a job well done will motivate you to take on bigger challenges.

What to do with all the e-mails

Go through your emails from the most recent ones to the oldest, and not the other way around, so you don’t accidentally respond to something that has already been resolved. You probably won’t be able to answer all e-mails on your first day, but try to answer the most important ones. Let the rest of them know that you received their message and you will respond within a few days. The sender will at least know the e-mail didn’t get lost.

You’re not alone

Most of your colleagues also came back from vacation so you are not the only one who is stressed by the amount of work. How about you all meet up in the morning, drink coffee together and share what has happened during the holiday? Don’t assign tasks to one another on the first day at work unless it is truly necessary.

Keep track of your work

Before you go on vacation, take notes about your unfinished tasks. Don’t expect to remember every detail when you come back so a few notes about what needs to be done next will come in handy. Note what your prioritized tasks are. Such an overview will help you save time upon your return. If this is not your routine already, try it the next time you go on holiday.

Leave early on the first day

On the first day, you will probably want to stay longer and do as much work as possible. However, this way will surely demotivate and discourages you as it will be too much shock compared to a completely different holiday routine. It is much better and healthier to increase your workload gradually!

You see? Going back to work after holiday season doesn’t necessarily have to result in post-vacation hangover! Remember our tips and you will never have to be stressed about this again!

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