How to lead a successful project team?

7. 19. 2017

Teams always look up at their Project Manager to lead them, guide them, provide the necessary tools, templates, guidelines, scope and all necessary parameters of the project.

Let’s analyze these five steps that would surely help lead to a successful team.

1. Purpose, Goal, Outcome

Project Manager has to gather the team and clarify the purpose of the project, and answer some basic questions like;

  • Why is the project being performed.How to lead a successful project team?
  • What are the goals that need to be achieved and how to achieve them.
  • What is the end result or outcome or the project.

If team knows the purpose of the project and goals that are set for them and how to achieve those goals, they will better perform and try to achieve the goals set for them.

2. Scope, Responsibility, limits

Again, the Project Manager has to clarify the scope of the project to the team. Not only the things that are included in the project but things that are not included in the project.

In this way, they’ll have a better idea and understanding of goals that need to be focus on and skip those things that are not in their domain.

3. Be Project Manager not Boss

As a Project Manager you should know some things or know how to do some things:

  • Project Manager is a leader and is there to help lead the team and make decisions based on team's feedback.
  • Show the team that you are their biggest supporter and that you are always there to help remove any obstacles that team and project faces.
  • Facilitate the team by providing all necessary documentation, templates, any additional resources that could help achieve their targets effectively. 

4. Get Team involved

As a Project Manager, you should realize that everything doesn't always have to be your way. 

Get input from your team, discuss with them, let them share their ideas, thoughts, suggestions, be open to them and, above all, talk less and listen more.

This will create a sense in the team that their vioces are heard.

5. Trust and Believe in your Team

As a Project Manager, you are responsible for creating a work environment filled with mutual respect and cooperation. You should never underestimate the power of environment your team works in. The more they feel supported and content, the better results their work will have. 

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