How to make a weekly task schedule

10. 14. 2015

There just doesn't seem to be enough time to get things done on our to-do list. A day has only 24 hours and to work, exercise, relax, meet with friends or travel during just one day is simply not feasible. But if we look at these activities from a weekly perspective and plan our schedule correctly, our situation will become a lot easier. The primary purpose of planning is a transmission of our goals and values to everyday activities. That is the only way to manage your life, and not let circumstances govern it.

Tips on planning

First, try to have a look at your calendar for the past week and see what you managed, what went well and what you were satisfied with. Try to include in the plan for next week tasks you didn't achieve in the previous one. For example, if you study in an MBA program and the deadline for submitting your seminar paper is approaching, you should not leave this assignment for the last minute, because then stress and lack of time might be reflected in the quality of your work. Therefore, determine one day in a week, preferably in an afternoon, for writing this paper and reading over it.

You can participate in the Interactive Online MBA study program without the necessity to attend daily lectures, and thus you can feel that there is no hurry and nobody to push you, but the truth is quite the opposite. Although the learning pace of each participant is individual and the MBA study program is very flexible in this regard, the study is not possible to handle without a high dose of self-discipline and dutiful planning.

Write down milestones for the tasks in which you wish to accomplish to be happy with your progress in this particular field. These tasks then position into your weekly calendar in real time so that they can be executed.

  • Plan at a place where nothing distracts you
  • Remember long term goals and objectives
  • Plan only during time which is available
  • Each daily task must have a specific goal
  • Anticipate obstacles
  • Prioritize the tasks

It is important to start, and if you get used to the regular planning, even studying will become easier for you. Don‘t let yourself be distracted by questions and negative thought patterns, which may come to mind – ‘I don’t have time for planning. I know what I have to do, so why should I plan it? If I write down a to-do list, I feel tied down,’ etc.

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