How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

10. 11. 2017

If you plan on having a successful career, you should realize that public speaking comes with it. If you happen to be an expert on something, you will most likely be invited to give lectures and speeches. Not all of us are very excited about this and some might feel completely terrified by the prospect of them standing in front of an audience. But even if you find an excuse to avoid one appearance, there will be more and refusing them all will be suspicious and damaging to your image.

If your anxiety reaches the point where it has a negative influence on your career, it’s time to have a think about the ways to overcome it. Fear of public speaking (glossophobia) is one of the most common fears so there are many recommendations for you to follow. We chose but a few.

Prepare carefullyFear of Public Speaking

Nothing helps ease your anxiety more than a careful preparation. It’s never easy to speak off the cuff, not even if you are an expert on the subject. That is why you should write down the main points of your speech. Think about possible questions your audience might ask and search for additional information.

Rehearse your speech

Make sure you will rehearse your big talk several times. Feel free to ask your friends their opinion or watch your performance in the mirror. Pay attention to your gestures, body movements and facial expressions. Think of ways to appear more relaxed and welcoming.

Don’t learn by heart

Don’t even try to memorize your presentation. It’s a bad idea. Your speech might sound too monotonous and boring. And it could freak you out in case you forget a part of it.

Powerpoint yes or no?

Powerpoint can be a useful tool but should not include too much text. Prepare just a few bullet points with your main ideas so you don’t forget to mention anything important. Think about what your powerpoint shouldn’t lack and what makes it more effective.

Reduce your stress level

The moments before your appearance are the most stressful ones. You can reduce your stress level by breathing deeply and visualizing what a positive outcome your speech will have. Breathe deeply and calmly during the whole speech and speak slowly.

You will surely agree that these recommendations are not at all too difficult to follow. Remember, every famous speaker had to start somewhere! With the right attitude and practice, you might be the next upcoming star of venues. 

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