How to Study While Working Full-Time

1. 31. 2018

In the previous post we discussed the necessity of continuous career development. You will surely agree that career stagnation leads to frustration, demotivation and productivity decline. From our experience we know that one way to get out of this unfavorable state is to start studying!

How to study while workig full-timeStudying opens up a few opportunities. You can devote yourself to studies that are thematically related to your field, which usually leads to promotion or interesting job offers. You can also study a completely different field, if you are not satisfied with the current one, and you feel it‘s time for a change. The third option does not primarily relate to your career but to your personal satisfaction. Someone simply enjoys studying, completing exams and interactions between classmates and lecturers.

But the truth is that studying while working full-time is not an easy task. Someone might be discouraged by the vision of himself pulling an all-nighter while trying to finish an assignment. Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be this way! For instance, at LIGS University, you will not be bothered by any deadlines, because the whole course of your studies is entirely up to you.

Nevertheless, even when we make it so much easier for you, there is still one important question to be answered – how to successfully study while having a full-time job? The following tips might help!

  1. Set your priorities

With new responsibilities, you will have to decide what activities should be prioritized or limited. In time, you will automatically prefer finishing assignments before an evening out.

  1. Good planning is the key

Planning of your study activities should include your monthly goals such as completed exams, assignments or books to read. Divide your goals into smaller steps and schedule them in a weekly and daily overview.

  1. Read faster

Required reading will take up much of your time. Even though you might think you can read fast enough, there are certain techniques to improve your reading speed.

  1. Study anywhere and anytime

You spend a lot of time each day with activities such as commuting, queueing, shopping or cooking. Make use of every free minute to quickly repeat what you’ve learnt. Keep the notes in your bag at all times or download the presentations to your smartphone. Take advantage of your gym time by listening to recorded lectures.

  1. Make use of your vacation

Surely, you’d rather just sit back and relax on your vacation. On the other hand, you can also use the time spent at the beach to review your notes or catch up on your required reading. Still, we recommend that you pick an easier topic to study. After all, you need to let you mind recover!

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