Interview with Alan Kraustengl | New Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs of LIGS University

2. 16. 2022

Who is now getting ready for his newest role with LIGS University as a Senior Vice President? Assoc. Prof. Alan Krautstengl, Ph.D., another fresh face of LIGS University. He has over 20 years of experience working in Higher Education in the USA. What lies ahead of his role at LIGS? Read more. 

Doc. Alan Krautstengl, Ph.D.Welcome to our LIGS community, Alan. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, what you like to do in your free time and what are you looking the most looking forward to doing with LIGS?

Thank you very much, Tereza, to you and everyone else at LIGS. In my spare time, I like to read, play chess, watch movies or grow Japanese wasabi with a friend of mine. I also like going to East Bohemia, where we have owned a small house for six generations to this date. LIGS is a great institution with enormous potential. I'm looking forward to helping it sew a new coat that will not only suit it but allow it to step in where it hasn't gone before.

Do you have an unusual talent that only a few people know about? What are your strengths? 

I am first and foremost a visionary. And I think I can recognize which dreams can come true and how to make them materialize. I'm most motivated when I can see the work done. 

What will be one of your main competencies as a Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs?

My responsibilities include both academic affairs and preparation for US accreditations, first federal, then regional. At LIGS, I will as well be responsible for smaller departments.

Which area would you most like to focus on in your collaboration with LIGS University?

The above indicates I will mainly focus on the academic areas and the preparations for accreditations in general. In addition, I would like to introduce online undergraduate studies in the future. There is a great business potential there and the academic demands are more lenient than for higher levels of study.

One of your goals is to strengthen the academic activities and institutionalization of LIGS University, do you have any concrete plans yet? 

Of course, I know this very precisely and specifically. There is a lot that lies ahead. Besides the know-how (what, when, how, and why), common sense is the basis. I am very much looking forward to it and I believe we will all be happy about it.

Where do you see LIGS University in a year? 

I'll answer a little differently: Two years from now, I see LIGS University accredited by DEAC and with successful undergraduate programs, and in 4 years from now with WSCUC candidacy status. In another two to three years the goal must be full WSCUC accreditation. I have already gotten one university to WSCUC, it took me 8 years from scratch. I believe LIGS will do it even faster.

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