Interview with an MBA graduate

1. 1. 2013

An interview with a graduate of the Executive MBA program at LIGS, Mr. Rostislav Němec, Managing Director at HARIBO CZ/SK

Rostislav Nemec

What were your expectations of the MBA degree program and were they met?

In my opinion, it is not about the title, but mostly about the study content, lecturers and certainly the valuable contacts that I gained during my studies. That's because these things can ensure tangible results in the future, which can help not only the company where your work, but also you personally. At the London International Graduate School, where I had the opportunity to study and also gain the title, I was very pleased with the expertise of the lecturers who were mostly professionals in their field. I particularly appreciated both formal and informal discussions and dialogue which we often had the opportunity to take part in with the lecturers; whether it was during tutorials, exams or other occasions. I found it to be very beneficial when I got the opportunity to discuss particular topics with someone who was in the same career field as me, rather than with a person who knew the practice only from academic literature. The knowledge and expertise I obtained far exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.

How did earning an MBA help your career?

Time will tell how much of an effect it has had and will have on my career. It is not possible to expect that tangible results will appear the day after graduation; the company won't immediately catapult you to new heights. It is important to remember that the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge will most likely happen at the most opportune time. Only with hindsight, the benefits of any school can be realistically assessed...

Explain the process of choosing our school.

First of all, I read about the team of lecturers who were working at the school carefully. I was convinced that they could enrich my knowledge of something new. Additionally, I made valuable personal contacts. Last, but not least I was also interested in the future of my fellow students.

How did your company support your studies?

Our company did and still does promote the addition of 'practical' higher education of its employees very positively. The company allowed me to attend all tutorials, which of course were also on weekdays. However, it is important to keep in mind that your studies are primarily self-guided.

If you had to do it all over, would you still pursue an MBA or would your invest in another form of education?

If I could decide again, I wouldn't change a thing. It is a great opportunity for working managers.

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