Launching Global Education Scholarship Fund | For MBA prospective students

3. 25. 2022

LIGS University recently launched its education scholarship fund for prospects who are driven professionals but still lack the proper funding for their education. Sounds like you? Keep on reading.

Like every college and university, even we get inquiries for funding the studies. There are several ways to help with the tuition, and launching a Global Education Scholarship Fund is one way to help our prospects.

This scholarship is specific by being only applicable for our BA online interactive programs. If you apply and we accept you. You will receive 50% funding for the MBA program of your choice. 

I decided I want to do my MBA and picked a program I want to study at LIGS University. What shall I do to get the scholarship?

1. The first step is applying for the MBA program of your choice. Start by clicking the application button below to start the process. 

MBA Application  

2. The second step is writing an essay with the reasoning. Why do you think you are eligible for the scholarship? Easy right? Download the form and start writing. We can't wait to read your essay.

Request Scholarship

3. And the third condition, you are eligible for this scholarship only if you pay a minimum of $150 instalment per month. 

Global education scholarship

Once you complete all steps above, one of our Admission Officers will contact you and help you throughout the application process. The best part? You can easily start your studies once we receive your first payment. We have students who applied one day and started their new journey towards their dream within the next three days. You can be next!

This offer is limited to 5 prospective students each month. If you want to study, don't waste your time and start today!

Application for study

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