LIGS University at the Academic Resource Conference in San Francisco

4. 11. 2018

During the conference, President LIGS University Dr. Pavel Makovsky will be presenting a paper called „LIGS University – the journey from Europe to the USA“.

Conference in San FranciscoAcademic Resource Conference, which will be held between 25th and 27th April 2018 in San Francisco, USA, is organized by the accreditation association WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

„The possibility to attend this conference and the chance to speak in front of an audience full of representatives of WASC-accredited universities are a big opportunity to establish personal relations in this area. There will be plenty of opportunities for discussions regarding the future of education in the USA as well as the world, continuous education of lecturers, new trends and the improvement of quality of the programs,”says Dr. Makovsky.

He adds: “We strongly believe that attending the conference and sharing the information and experience with our colleagues from other WASC-accredited universities will help us continuously improve the quality and benefits of our programs”.

Representatives of LIGS University, including President Dr. Pavel Makovsky, Vice President Dr. Pardeep Kullar and Accreditation Officer Todd Wieland, MBA, will also meet with the WSCUC representatives to inform them about LIGS University’s progress regarding the scheduled site visit in Honolulu.

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