LIGS University Talks | Dr. S Suresh Kumar | Digitalization and Data in our society

6. 2. 2021

Digitalization and Data are currently surrounding our society. They are present everywhere we look. 

As our University approaches this world of Digital Data and its upcoming online conference Digital Data-Driven Economy is coming up, we decided to talk to one of the best Data Scientists and innovators in this field. He was gracious enough to accept our invitation to the Talks with LIGS University and discuss these recent trends in online digitalization and much more. 

What exactly did we talk about with Dr. S Suresh Kumar in this interview? We addressed some pretty urgent matters from the field of Data Science. We discussed the necessity of at least basic knowledge today's managers need to possess and challenges waiting for business leaders considering digitalization.

We also peeked into his preparation for the new course at LIGS University covering the Data Science major and what can students who apply for this course expect. 

The full interview is available to watch or listen to right here.

Application for study

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