LinkedIn Learning license for our students | LIGS news

3. 27. 2021

LIGS has big news to share with all of you! We are now proud to present our students have access to the certified LinkedIn learning courses and lectures. Isn't that amazing?

We at LIGS University constantly work on ourselves. As leaders in online education, we want to grant our students access to the best resources on the market in online learning. We want to go hand in hand with recent online learning trends. And to add various educational platforms with online courses and lectures. We want it to pick the best out there - LinkedIn learning. It contains a massive library of high-quality online lessons. 


LinkedIn Learning license for our students | LIGS news


Finishing these courses is voluntary, and they are not presented as a condition for successful graduation and receiving your academic diploma. They are just a nice bonus for our students. With these, we broaden our educational activities portfolios. Give our students the option to learn from the best and worldwide known professionals, not only from our own lecturer's staff. 

Are there going to be any extra fees, you ask? That is the best part. The tuition already includes all charges for LinkedIn learning. So there is no need to pay any extra fees. Every student that applies to our university will automatically receive a license to use the Linkedin learning platform. This way, students get to pick which lessons are attractive for them in addition to mandatory ones. 

We also have a list of recommended courses for each specialization. For example, our suggestions in marketing are, Identifying your market target by EntrepreneurNow or Design your Company's strategy by Anil Gupta.

As a bonus, we will also share our monthly recommendations for our students. Follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages, where we will share updates about the courses. 


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