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7. 25. 2017

In our previous article we focused on the topic of hiring the right employee. We shared with you a few useful tips on how to choose the best candidate for the job you offer. But your concern doesn’t end with signed contract. It is your responsibility now to make sure the employee is content and won’t think of changing the job anytime soon.

There are plenty of ways for you to please your employees. Surely, a salary is the first thing that comes into your mind but don’t be mistaken. Even though salary is one of the main factors of employees’ satisfaction, recent years have witnessed that increasing importance is placed on other factors, such as employee benefits.

Pet friendly officePet friendly office

Pet friendly office is still a rather new concept but it’s gaining increasing support. Naturally, you have to be careful and allow only pets with the right temper into the office, not aggressive dogs. The idea is that presence of four-legged friends will help establish much deeper relation between team members and decrease the level of stress. We at LIGS University can confirm this as we introduced this benefit as well!

Invest in their development

Language courses or any extra training will be much appreciated by your employees. This type of benefit is very popular and it also serves you well as any gained knowledge will be used for the benefit of your company. Additionally, you and the employee can agree on an amendment to the contract in which your employee will agree not to leave his position for some time. In this way, you will make sure he won’t take the gained knowledge elsewhere.

Home office and flexible working hours

The possibility to work from home or to be offered flexible working hours is one of the most popular benefits. On course, not every type of job can offer such an arrangement, but when it comes to office work, the location shouldn’t matter that much. Allow your employees work from home a few days in a month or choose their own schedule. Not everyone likes to work in the morning and some are more productive in the evening.

Sponsor their free time

Surely, your employees like to go to gym, to a cinema or a concert. Support their leisure time activities by providing free tickets, vouchers or sponsor their gym membership. They will appreciate it and you will make sure they will clear their heads from work issues once in a while.

This article mentions only a few examples of popular employee benefits that you might consider introducing in your company. It is also entirely up to you to come up with some new and fresh ideas that will make your staff even more satisfied with their current employer. It’s worth the effort!

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