MBA – the benefit, social prestige and chance for a new beginning

6. 12. 2011

The MBA program exposes students to discussions of current issues, different perspectives, efficient processes and complex problem solving, along with new contacts and an increase in social prestige. If the students who undergo the studies of this program are company managers or employees who are familiar with its objectives, their studies will have a direct and immediate impact on their work performance.

Eva Dostalova

Over time, even the best managers can get out of touch with the most important aspects of running a company, especially if they get caught up in the habits of a daily routine. Many of them are considered experts in their field, which begs the question, are they currently using the most effective methods? How many of them have the opportunity to confidently make and carry out important decisions in a confident and consistent way?  Even seemingly mundane things that are not done in the best way can, over time, compromise their judgment, diminish their work efficiency and erode their employee's self-confidence, which will inevitably be detrimental to their business (or the one they work for). Therefore, a commitment to providing an executive education to its top employees is a critical part of corporate development.

The first paragraph is directly applicable to my own experience. I worked at the position of General Manager at a small Czech company that was a manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements. The primary task that I was assigned to was to create better profit outcomes for the business. In the first two years, I found it to be a very easy task – the costs were very high, the profits were relatively low, and it was easy to manage the cash flow. A personnel audit and a tax optimization never took place.

At the end of the second year, the company owners congratulated me and were looking forward to additional ‘magic’ that I could provide for them. However, after a sustained financial and organizational marathon, there seemed to no longer be an area that could be optimized. Moreover, during those two years not only was the market fully developed, but my management style, and even my personal marketing strategy had become stagnate. I felt that under the weight of the daily routine I was "missing the boat“ of my expertise, which was missing a comprehensive perspective. Therefore, I decided to study for an MBA with a major in management. For a long time, I had trouble deciding what university I wanted to attend, and I considered my time constraints vs. that of each program, as well as the suitability and costs. When I came across LIGS's former motto, "we appreciate your time," I immediately took interest. Indeed, the study was composed of useful tutorials, which I adapted to my capabilities and work pace.

I successfully managed the first-semester thanks to a new found energy, which I drew from at the beginning of my studies during the first tutorial and the discussions, which took place between classmates. The intensity and workload of study in the second and third semesters were a bit overwhelming and they were interfering with my responsibilities at work. I considered taking a break from my studies, and even thought of dropping out; but thanks to the excellent and very personal approach of the university and the possibility of following an individual curriculum plan, I was able to meet all obligations on time. In the fourth semester, I received a new job offer abroad. Thanks to the program's accreditation, the degree I obtained was recognized in the United States, which significantly minimalized the need for validating my previously acquired titles in the Czech educational system.

Today, I am returning to the Czech Republic after a timely internship, and I see how much my value in the labor market has increased. I get offers from companies that would have previously quickly disqualified me as a viable candidate. The MBA study program gave me a chance at a new beginning; it was a tool to start a career in which I have always dreamed of and which I had never been ‘adequately qualified.’

Author: Eva Dostálová, In San Jose, 12. 6. 2011

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