Mohamad Awad, Ph.D. student at LIGS University

1. 24. 2019

Interview with our Ph.D. student Mohamad Awad, Senior Business Coordinator in the oil, gas and energy industry from Germany.

Mohamad is a very busy student. He has undertaken our Ph.D. program due to the flexibility of the program, which allows him to squeeze in some study time into his tight schedule. He is highly motivated and hard-working, as he has managed to complete one his courses already. The lecturer commended his excellent research skills. We wish him further success, and for his motivation to keep on rising!

AwadAloha, could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Your area of expertise, background, experience, hobby, etc.?

My name is Mohamad Awad, and I have 35 years of industrial and commercial business experience in the oil, gas, and energy industry.

Where did you hear about LIGS University and what inspired you to join LIGS University?

I heard about LIGS University for the first time on the internet.

What do you think are the benefits of an online/executive form of education?

Online studies are a flexible and convenient mode of study.

Can you share the value of studying at LIGS University to you?

It is a new and exciting learning experience.

What do education and personal development mean to you?

Education is a life's asset and higher education is the most important asset.

In your opinion, what trends in education do you see in the next 5-10 years from now and why?

I think that education in the next 5-10 years will diminish because of the quick development of communication systems, which encourage students to look for easily attainable jobs instead of studying. Additionally, education is becoming more expensive.

Based on your experience with LIGS, would you recommend cooperation with LIGS as a student and why?

Yes, I recommend LIGS University because the curriculum is achievable.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement/s in your career and life?

Learn how to deal with people, machinery and nature.

Do you have any experience with failure/s and how did you learn from it?

I have experienced many failures, and I learned how to overcome these failures.

What are your life and work goal/s?

To serve humanity with honest work.

Thank you very much for the interview

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