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5. 14. 2020

We found ourselves in times when we can stop and think about our values, view of life, priorities, and career. Some of us found that our world is upside down. Do not forget that every change hides an opportunity. 



Now is the perfect time to think about your career development, doing steps to make your work more effective and less stressful - maybe by sorting out your email inbox, adjusting your communication styles, or harmonizing your time management. 

It is time to change our perspective.

So when we thought about what country should we present to you next, Australia was the obvious choice. Come and explore the interesting facts about the Land Down Under.

AUSTRALIA: The Land Down Under (3 min. read)

AustraliaDid you know that...?

  • 90% of Australians live by the coast? Talk about living the dream! 
  • The nature of Australia is mysterious and dangerous. It is estimated the only 25% of species have been discovered by humans, yet Australia is home to the 21 of the 25 of the world´s most venomous snakes
  • Melbourne used to be named Batmania? The name was given after one of the founders, John Batman. Does it seem like the coolest country in the world or what? 
  • In Western Australia, you can find lakes that are pink? This is caused by the presence of algae that produces carotenoids, such as Dunaliella salina.
  • Australia exports camels to Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Surprisingly, it has a bigger camel population than those countries. 

5 Reasons Managers Receive Too Many Emails (10 min. read)

Too many emails? Time to fight it. 

Too many emails

Most of us know the feeling of despair when we open our work email after a weekend. Now with the quarantine in many countries and a decrease in in-person contact, the email overload is getting even worse. 

If you are suffering from too many emails that distract you from your work, read our article that uncovers 5 reasons managers suffer from too many emails.

If you find yourself in one or more maybe it is time to discover the root cause and weigh the option of outsourcing the unnecessary work. 


How to Deal With Difficult Communication (10 min. read)

Difficult communication

Style of communication is the outer expression of who we are.

However, if you want to become professional, it is necessary to adjust your personality and communicate effectively and appropriately.

Sometimes we can bump into people in our work environment who are difficult to communicate with. Learn to differentiate between different types of communication stylesand adjust your own style of communication to your communication partner.

Our article by Olga Lostakova will help you recognize different communication styles and explain why the assertive communication style is the best to embrace.

Crafting and Executing Strategy (10 min. read)

Crafting and Executing StrategyBusinesses face many challenges nowadays. How to adjust to changing conditions? You need to develop a good strategy and stick to it. 

A good strategy is the backbone of every business and without it, it would fall into chaos and stagnation.

Read our article on how to create an innovative strategy by our lecturer Catherine Muthu. 


PUBLIC WEBINAR: Bookkeeping/Accounting (1 min. video)

Why not fill your time with learning something new? 

We keep our tradition of providing access to our webinars for the public for free where you can try what studying at LIGS University looks like.

It is important to have a good overview of the financial situation. And the saying "money moves the world" is especially true when it comes to business. Learn to understand the movement of money in our upcoming webinar.

Webinar Bookkeeping/Accounting is held on the 21st of May at 16:00 UTC and is led by our expert Katerina Kalinova.

See the video invitation

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