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9. 1. 2020

Everyone in the world will remember year 2020 as one of the most critical years in modern history. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and its functioning practically overnight. The system of work, education and everyday life had to be radically transformed within a few weeks.


Certain business sectors have almost disappeared and many companies not survived this burdensome period. Unfortunately, the ensuing crisis will bring further challenges. The current situation continues to disrupt the functioning of almost all companies and firms in various sectors. But companies that have quality crisis managers can effectively address this operational barrier will not only be well placed to overcome the current situation, but will also be better prepared for future crises. These days, as employees pack their things and go home to work, crisis management strategists play a key role in creating a corporate culture and behaviors that support employee productivity and engagement. In LIGS, we are aware that we are an intellectual part of society and that our action is needed.

Our current goal is to prepare our students and graduates for today's challenges. We are aware that we have the opportunity to help managers and entrepreneurs who will face difficult changes in the near future by practical crisis studies. The future often carries concerns about careers and financial stability. That is why we want to meet the needs of everyone as much is possible and prepare our students for the crisis period.

With the right knowledge, everyone can prepare for anything, which is why we have opened two specialized MBA programs.

- Crisis Management in the Contemporary Environment 
- Finance Management in Today’s Changing Environment

Crisis management is a set of management activities of the competent authorities focused on the analysis and evaluation of security risks, planning, organization, implementation, management and control of activities performed in connection with the resolution of a crisis situation. Crisis management is an integral part of the management of the state, organization or other institutions that are interested in their development. Its aim is to prevent the emergence of possible critical situations, to prepare for the management of possible critical situations and to ensure the management of possible critical situations within the competence of the crisis management body and the fulfillment of measures and tasks imposed by higher crisis management, to start reconstruction and further development.

LIGS University presents new study programs focused on crisis management due to COVID-19. We would like to give a chance to all those who are willing to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow today by right education.

We are at a time when education experts are diligently debating the possibilities and limits of study. Traditional education systems face and will face many challenges and uncertainties due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
We think that it is necessary to develop your career even in worse times through quality online management education, which we provide as one of the best online universities. LIGS University has experience with 100% online education for 15 years, students and graduates from more than 75 countries, and during this time we have proven that the combination of Internet and education provides all the necessary skills, knowledge and qualifications.

This is not the only reason why we are one of the market leaders and our programs meet the best quality. You can start studying at any time and from anywhere because our online education system has no boundaries.

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