Ph.D. at LIGS University amongst the TOP 50 Online Business Administration Doctorates

2. 7. 2019

Project Management is a coveted discipline in today's market. As businesses more often operate in global markets, the demand for project management specialists increases.


In fact, according to the 2013 Talent Gap Project Management Report, more than 15.7 million new project management jobs are projected over the coming decade.

The Online PhD Programs website lists the best online programs with regards to institutional costs and flexibility. We are thrilled that our Project Management Ph.D. has been featured amongst the top 10 Best Online DBA Project Management Degrees.

In addition to that, our Interactive Online Ph.D. program has been featured amongst the Top 50 Online Doctorates in Business Administration across all of the US.

Professionals who get an online doctoral degree in project management will improve their management skills and the ability to manage large companies, innovative startups, and international companies. The program is tailored to help the student become a leader in highly competitive markets. At the same time, the program offers great flexibility, which allows for the personal adaptation of a schedule. This allows the student to maintain his career while pursuing a degree.

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