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3. 6. 2019

A few days ago we welcomed Kate Hovadikova amongst our students. What distinguishes her from our other students is the fact that she won the national contest Assistant of the year 2018, of which LIGS University was a partner. We not only asked her about the course of the contest but also about her kinship towards education and what brings her fulfillment at her current position. You can feel the energy and steadfast determination from her answers. We are convinced, without a shadow of a doubt, that she will be a keen and successful student. See for yourself.

Hello and welcome to LIGS University! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, I would like to start off by saying that I am an assistant with body and mind, but for now, I will introduce myself as Kate. I am 28 years old and I come from northern Bohemia, Czechia. I am a lover of dogs, especially my doggy Sophie. I love to be surrounded by honest and gentle friends, ideally during sunlight along with great food. I love to hike in nature and unravel the beauty of Czech historical monuments. I am a reader and a dreamer, thus I like to spend my free time in the company of a captivating book.


You won the Assistant of the year 2018 contest – congratulations! Was it challenging? By which criteria were you arbitrated?

Winning the contest was ecstatic! Thank you!

The criteria were time-consuming and challenging, but in the end, alluding to the prizes for finalists, I consider them fair. At the start, we were supposed to unravel our story – introduce ourselves – and define our contributions to our firms. This was followed by actively gathering votes on your profile. Another criterion was a written evaluation of my superior. After these formal criteria, we had to organize and take part in a charity event within our firm. All this had to be recorded and edited into a video. After that we had a Skype meeting with the judges where we answered questions. The whole contest was finalized in the assessment center, where the judges further tested our abilities through games, essays and computer tasks.

As you mentioned, one of the criteria was to record a video of you organizing and taking part in a charity event as a firm. How did you tackle this challenge – was it hard? What were the vibes in the team?

This task seemed to be the most complicated at the start, but in the end, it was the one that brought us the most enjoyment and happiness. The hardest part was choosing which organization to help and in which way. I wanted to take part in something that helps long-term and forces us to get our hands dirty. I decided in helping Klokanek (an organization that helps children in danger) with painting their rooms for the children. It was hard to coordinate the schedules of 6 people. In the end, it was amazing and we had a lot of fun! When we met at Klokanek, I did not have to coordinate anything anymore, as everyone started working and it went smoothly.

You are working in Liane group for 3 years now. What are your main competencies and what fulfills you in your position?

My main task is communication (within the firm, with suppliers and mainly customers). I shelter the administration of the firm – ordering materials for the firm, invoicing and accounting as well as planning the schedules of my superior and other employees of the firm. I am in charge of controlling the orders from our clients and I do my best to make sure that all parties involved know what they are doing and that they are fully informed. What brings me joy in the assistant position is the fact that I am always 2 steps ahead of everyone and I have the most information. I love the flexibility I have in my working hours. I have given priorities and assignments, but I have the liberty to attend to them when it best suits me. It is a comfortable niche for me.


Have you ever had experience with online education? Independent of your answer, what do you think are the benefits of it?

I have attended short online courses targeted towards practical skills (accounting, work safety, administration, and legal document editing). In the massive spectrum that LIGS University offers I have not yet had the experience. The main benefit of online education can be found in its flexibility – it is up to me when I will study. I am thrilled by the fact that I can study in any environment I choose!

At LIGS University we believe that constant education is the key to success. What does education mean to you?

Education is my motor. After finishing my studies, I constantly read books and attend seminars. Thanks to these activities, I keep moving forward in life and I do not feel like I am stagnating.

You are already a student at LIGS University. Which specialization have you chosen? Do you expect to improve at your current position, or are you looking to break through in a different area?

I have chosen HR Management because, in the year 2017, I attended a course of „Lecturer in further education“. I am currently preparing a course in which I would prepare future assistants, giving them the knowledge they need and my personal experience. I wish to remain at my current position, so I will have to take care of the same problems as the attendees of my course. I, therefore, believe that HR Management is the right choice for me.

One of the greatest attributes of LIGS University is the „self-paced“ model (you tailor your studies to your availability) Have you given any thought to how you will organize your studies?

I have decided that I will study each course in order, starting with the basic module, moving then to my specialization and elective courses. I plan to learn the theory and simultaneously prepare the concepts of my seminar papers. After being comfortable with the theory, I will tackle the tests and finish the seminar papers.

Most of the times, we all have a different approach to learning. Do you have a „foolproof“ method to tackle learning and education?

What I write down I remember the best. My method, therefore, comprises of notes and notebooks. Colors are important to me. When I am digging for an answer in my mind, I can recollect the page - thanks to the colors :) - on which the information is written.

Allow us this personal question. What is your goal/dream in this life?

I would love to appreciate a sunset at a beautiful beach (at the Caribbean for example), without any people :)

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