Six destructive work habits – get rid of them once and for all!

4. 21. 2016

It is time to eliminate the bad habits that hinder us. Addiction to e-mail, needless comparisons with the achievements of others, gallons of coffee — all these have a disturbing effect on our performance and work efficiency. How does one combat these? It is important not to wave this problem away, but to admit one's weaknesses and to find a solution. Do the following toxic habits remind you of your own behavior? Change them! 

We are slaves to e-mail 

E-mails are like a drug. Destructive habitsThanks to smartphones, we are available and can check for new messages 24 hours a day. Addicted people reach for their devices immediately on waking; to make sure they have not missed anything important overnight. Unwittingly, from early morning they subordinate their pace of work to other people. They soak in other people’s problems at the expense of their own responsibilities, and the probability of continuous e-mailing throughout the day increases.

Do you also suffer from excessive e-mailing? Try to set out your own objectives that you want to achieve that day, before eagerly checking for the new message icon on your cell phone in the morning. Determine your own priorities before someone else does so on your behalf, and stick to them. Check e-mails only at a predetermined time between your main tasks. 

We are incorrigible 

Mistakes are a part of everyday life. From an early age, we learn and gather valuable experience through a trial-and-error method. Why, then, in adulthood do we often remain blind to our mistakes? We repeat the same mistakes over and over again, perhaps in the hope that our "bad luck" will change one day. It is essential to acknowledge a wrong direction and to answer the question: "Why am I repeating the same mistake as last time?" Only then will you find the liberating solution once and for all. 

We have no plans and do not recapitulate 

We launch straight into work, starting the day without any organizational plans and solving tasks randomly as they arise. It happens that tasks of a lower priority surpass those really important for which no time will be left in the end. How many times has it happened that you have failed to achieve what you planned at the start of your day? Poor division of labor between tasks is a major cause of low productivity. If you feel constantly overloaded, but still have the impression that you are further postponing obligations, you are probably a victim of this bad habit. 

Try to devote the first few minutes of working time to devising a brief list of all the daily duties. Determine your main objectives and assign them an appropriate time. You can wedge less important tasks in between these “mountains”. At the end of the day, briefly recapitulate your results and think about the next day's schedule. 

We Envy Others

Success is an individual matter. Everyone perceives it on a different scale, so it cannot be compared with that of other people. Realize what you want to achieve. Define what your successes should be. When will you feel happy? Wish others the success they have achieved. After all, those are their objectives; a poignant feeling of inferiority is totally unnecessary. Concentrate only on your own aims and on achieving them.

We hide weaknesses 

Success will only come if we do not cover up our shortcomings. On the contrary, it is necessary to admit the truth every day and to devote time to overcoming the weak points. Are you afraid of foreign languages? Practice while reading foreign news sites. Are you timid at public presentations? Prepare in front of the mirror first. You yourself know best what weaknesses you conceal – disclose them and defeat them!                                                                                                      

We drink only coffee, no water 

According to statistics from the International Coffee Organization, every American consumes more than 2 pounds of coffee per year. In the last five years, coffee consumption has increased significantly. Beginning the day with a cup of the black beverage may be counterproductive! Caffeine dehydrates the body, so coffee is not suitable as the first beverage of the day. The problem, of course, only increases with every cup.

 A glass of water is much better to awaken the body. Water provides energy to the human organism and naturally sets it in motion. You can include coffee later in the morning and after lunch, but sip water throughout the day.



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